Guest Prep: Dining Rooms

Today I’m back with some more guest prep ideas. After surviving a fun but busy Halloween weekend, my thoughts are now moving on to Thanksgiving and I’m sharing a few guest prep ideas for decorating your dining room in time for the holiday. Here are 5 tips for making your dining rooms entertain ready….

Update your Dining Table and Chairs


Transformed Tuscan Dining Room

Although a new table and chairs are a big expense, it is a quick way to revamp your dining space without major work. In this transformed Tuscan dining room, a rustic trestle table and white wishbone chairs changed the space from dark and heavy to airy and modern. If you are hosting Thanksgiving, it would be fun to update with a large table and new chairs like the unique ones I used below.

Becki Owens Dining Room Ro Sham Beaux

Ground the Space with a Durable Rug

amber fillerup clark NYC living room

Amber Fillerup Clark NYC Apartment

I don’t always use a rug in a dining space because of potential messes, but in many dining rooms the warmth and interest it adds to the space is worth any extra work. If your home does not have a formal dining room but instead a  kitchen/dining combo, a rug under the table defines the space. An antique rug in a rich color is gorgeous for the season, or you could look for an easy to vacuum flat-weave rug or an affordable and durable jute or sisal.


Everyday Interior Design


Add a Statement Light


Las Palmas Project

An amazing light makes a all the difference. I keep most of my dining spaces clean and minimal but make a statement with the light. In my Las Palmas Project dining space, I chose a bold chandelier that draws attention to the round dining table and complements the rattan chairs. Choose a light that matches the scale of the table and room.


Brittany Makes

Personalize the Room with a Gallery Wall

becki owens kitchen nook dining room

Olympic Way Project

Dining rooms are intimate spaces for friends and family to gather. I like to personalize the space with a gallery wall of photos. Not only does it add color and interest, but it is honors the friends and family in the pictures and is a fun way to remember good times. For tips on styling a gallery wall, read my post here.


Style the Table


Lauren Nelson via Architechtural Digest

If your dining room is already dialed in, then all you have left is to create an inviting table display. For a fresh, minimal look, try a simple row of succulents or monochromatic pumpkins in the middle of the table. Or for a more rustic feel, combine natural foliage with a bit of shine. For more inspiration and tips, read here.


The Leslie Style

With only three and half weeks until Thanksgiving, now is the perfect time to start preparing. Make sure you check out all my Guest Prep posts for more ideas on readying your home for upcoming holiday visitors:

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Have a happy Wednesday!


guest prep dining rooms becki owens



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