Tile 101: A Roundup of Top Tile Trends, Recent Projects, and Tile Resources

Elevated Views Project / Mykals Photography

From current tile trends, the tiles we’re using in our projects, and our favorite tile sources, today we are sharing a roundup of some of our most popular tile posts. Browse through to gather the inspiration you need for your own home. Take a look!

Tile Trend: Warm and Earthy

Pura Vista Project / Austin Drew Photography

Although we love the classic look of a black or white bathroom, and we often use gray stone or tile throughout our builds, in our most recent projects we have been layering in much warmer tile tones. From the rich burnt orange of terra cotta to the earthy warmth or brown, these trending tones add softness and contrast to bright whites and crisp cool tones we all have been loving for so long. Take a look at how we are incorporating warm and earthy tile into our recently designed spaces.

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5 Bathroom Trends from our Hawaii Project

Hawaii Project / Adam Taylor Photography

Our Hawaii Project brings us back to our Modern Coastal roots with a beautiful blend of clean lines, traditional touches, and an emphasis on organic textures that create natural beauty. In the bathrooms, this means embracing trends that feel current but with an emphasis on natural materials that always have lasting beauty. Take a look at 5 bathroom trends we incorporated into this project.

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The Modern Coastal Kitchen of our Hawaii Project

Hawaii Project / Adam Taylor Photography

The dimensional backsplash tile is Cle Tile’s Zellige in Weathered White. We love the way this handmade tile adds character to a space. The tile is 2″x6″ and set in a herringbone pattern with white grout to match.

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Project Reveal: Elevated Views Kitchen

Elevated Views Project / Mykals Photography

The kitchen backsplash is 4″x4″ glazed ceramic Zellige in Gesso. The variation in tones add dimension and interest to the space. We took the tile all the way to the ceiling to emphasize the beautiful height.

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What you Should Know about Zellige Tile

Family Ties Custom Build / Rebekah Westover Photography / Cle Tile 2″x6″ Zellige in Sea Salt

Last week we shared our thoughts on the Zellige Tile Trend. It’s a tile that we love and think has timeless appeal. The post led to lots of questions about Zellige: What is it? Why is it so expensive? How should it be installed? What colors have we used? If you are thinking of using Zellige in your own home, here are a few things you should know.

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Zellige Tile: Trendy or Timeless?

Family Ties Custom Build / Rebekah Westover Photography /

Beautiful Moroccan Zellige tiles are definitely trending. We’ve used them in our last few projects and are seeing them in many Instagram favorite spaces. The handmade glazed terra cotta tiles are so pretty and add incredible dimension to a space. Love the look but worried that they are “too trendy?” Don’t worry, go ahead and embrace them. Here’s why we think Zellige tiles have timeless appeal.

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The Black Tiles we are Currently Using

Summit Creek Project / Rebekah Westover Photography / Hex Tile

Black is one of our favorite neutrals. It’s classic but with a bit of edge. Paired with crisp white, it’s timeless. Add warm natural woods and it’s one of our favorite trending looks. We’ve used black tile throughout our recent projects and at different price points. Read on for our reveal of the exact tile we are using!

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The 3 Tile Installation Trends we are Currently Using

Family Ties Custom Build / Rebekah Westover Photography

There are so many choices to consider when designing your home. This summer we have been trying to make it easier on you by sharing the exact design decisions we have been making in our recent projects. Today we are talking tile. Not what type of tile we are using, but how we are choosing to have the tile installed. Even a basic, inexpensive tile can be transformed in the installation. Read on to see how we are laying out our tile in our recent projects.

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Remodel and build decisions can be overwhelming, hope we gave you some ideas for a tile look you will love. Thanks for stopping by!


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