Guest Prep: How to Style a Bedroom

Fall is coming, and with it the holidays that fill a house with friends and family. With hosting in mind, I am starting a new series called “Guest Prep.” I am excited to share ideas to help get your home ready for visitors. Starting with the most crucial, today’s guest prep is “How to Style a Bedroom.” With a few easy updates, you can create an inviting room to welcome your guests.

Add a Headboard

Gray Coastal Guest Bedroom Becki Owens

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 To make the space feel complete, consider adding a headboard. Headboards can create an instant focal point and style for the room without the price of a full bed frame. In this pretty coastal bedroom, I added substance to the space with a gray upholstered headboard that creates a perfect backdrop for brightly colored pillows.


Consider a Rug

Modern Bohemian Spanish Master Bedroom Becki Owens

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Stepping out of bed and sinking into a warm, plush rug is luxurious. When picking a rug for a bedroom I think pattern and color. A rug is a great way to brighten up a space and add interest. In this bedroom, a dark black and blue rug layered over neutral carpet grounds the light furniture and white walls.


Style the Nightstand

Bohemian Bedroom Owens and Davis

To make your guests feel at home, add a nightstand and style it with warm lighting, a welcoming scent, interesting books, and fresh flowers or a potted plant. Although a full-sized nightstand always looks nice, if you do not need bedside storage in a guest room, you can get away with a simple and affordable side table. 


Layer with Pillows and a Throw

dark floral wallpaper bedroom

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Spruce up the bedding with an eclectic mix of pillows and a cozy throw. In this bold floral bedroom the pink fur pillow is a perfect warm update for fall.


Hang Art

Becki Owens Bedroom with Gallery Wall

Bring color and personality into the room with a gallery wall of custom prints or art above the bed. In this bedroom I selected favorite beach photos spaced evenly in black square frames. Read more about my tips for styling a gallery wall here.


Create a Seating Nook

beach house master bedroom owens and davis

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If you have the space, a statement chair or two in the bedroom gives your guests somewhere private to lounge when they need a break from the holiday chaos. Even a small chair in a corner is thoughtful and can be inexpensive.


Finish with Warm Lighting

Becki Owens Ord Residence Bedroom

I like to add layers of lighting to a room. In your guest bedroom think about adding a statement chandelier or pendant above and lamps or sconces on each side of the bed. If you added a seating nook, a floor lamp for reading is also nice. In this bedroom, I selected a statement light  and table lamps that give the space a bit of an exotic vibe. Perfect for a room where people come to relax and get away.


Now is the perfect time to start looking for the updates that will create a welcome stay for holiday guests. The guest bedroom is a great place to start. With just a few changes the space can feel completely updated and inviting. Check back throughout the month for more Guest Prep ideas. Have a great Tuesday!


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