Guest Prep: Make a Great First Impression

Your entryway welcomes visitors to your home and introduces them to your aesthetic. It is a small space, but one that should not be overlooked. In today’s guest prep, I’m sharing five essential items for entries that give a great first impression.

Vibrant Rug


Menlo Park

Add warmth and interest with a vibrantly colored rug. Although a small washable cotton flat-weave is a great option for an entry, I love using vintage wool kilim rugs for durability. Their beautiful colors and patterns are forgiving of dirt in this high-traffic space. I wrote about some favorite Etsy shops sourcing vintage kilims here.


Distinctive Mirror or Pretty Wall Art


Calle Tamara

Art instantly elevates a space. However, a mirror in an interesting shape or frame can also add beauty while being practical. In my Calle Tamara project, I chose to use a mirror to reflect the front door and the gorgeous pink kilim rug. I also did not want artwork that would compete with the intricate inlay chest. If a mirror is right for your entry, be sure to visit my newly refreshed Mirror Shop for some pretty options.


Unique Console Table

round entry table Becki Owens

Cotton Point Estates

A table in the entryway allows you to create a curated display of flowers and accessories as well as a practical place to set keys or other essentials. Since this is usually the only furniture piece in the entry, I try to make sure that it stands out. A round table is unexpected but fits the space and mimics the circular stairway in my Cotton Point Estates project. Your table should fill the space without blocking the entrance.


Statement Light

circa darlana light

Cido Project

Create a welcoming glow with an overhead light that makes a statement. Chose a pendant or chandelier that embraces the ceiling height and your personality. In my Cido Project, I selected a favorite lantern for it’s clean lines and warm brass.


Styled Accessories

family friendly living room becki owens

Cadiz Project

Personalize your entry by styling with favorite books, ceramics, and fresh flowers or a plant. A basket under the table adds decoration and can be used for additional storage or a quick way to clean up discarded shoes and bags.


Menlo Park


I am getting excited for the holidays and am making sure that my own home is ready to welcome out-of-town guests.  If you missed them, browse my other guest prep posts on styling a bedroom and creating cozy living spaces to make sure your home is ready too. Happy Monday!


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