10 Tips for a More Organized Pantry

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In preparation for the weeks and months to come, many have stocked up on pantry staples. If you’re like us, your shelves are now a mess of boxes and cans. Today we are sharing ten tips to help restore order, making your pantry more beautiful, organized, and functional.


  • Make Space by Decluttering Now is a great time to get rid of the clutter and items you don’t need including extra pots, pans, and utensils. Take inventory of what you really need and donate items you never use.
  • Take Stress off the Pantry with Kitchen-wide Organization Not everything needs to be crammed on pantry shelves. Make use of every drawer and cupboard. We like to start by thinking of our kitchen in terms of use. For example, the Kitchen Aid goes in the cupboard below the outlet we plug it in to. The spices are close to the stove-top for easy seasoning. Everyday dishes as close to the dishwasher as we can get them for simple unloading.

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  • Use a Lazy Susan For deep shelves, lazy susans are a game changer. They prevent items from falling down or disappearing behind larger items. Use a two-tier lazy susan for short baking ingredients like vanilla and baking soda. Use a one-tier lazy susan for taller items like oil and vinegar. Use a large turntable for mixing bowls, dinnerware, or small appliances.
  • Organize your Spices in a Drawer Little bottles of spices can be a big space waster in your pantry. Move them to a drawer close to your stove. Have your kids organize them alphabetically!
  • Elevate your Cans with Risers  It’s easy to never use the goods you stocked up on when you can’t see the labels. Make all of your can goods visible using risers.

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  • Label Bins Give every item it’s own easy to find space with labeled bins. We love these IKEA recycle bins for snacks, breads, pasta, treats, etc… We put the items we want our kids to access on the lower shelves and work our way up with treats at the top.
  • Make Measuring Ingredients Easy with Canisters Large sacks of flour, sugar, and rice can be tucked away behind easier to grab canisters. Be sure to get canisters with a wide mouth that easily fit measuring cups for scooping.
  • Create Additional Storage on the Back of the Door Use hooks are racks on the back of your pantry or cupboard door for additional storage space. This rack works perfectly for boxes of foil, parchment paper, and Ziplocks.

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  • Put Food in Drawers Pantry out of space completely? Consider drawers for flour, sugar, or even cereal.
  • Keep Recipes at your Fingertips Free up panty space for food by moving your cookbook out. Style them on open shelving, or get rid of them completely in favor of digital sources. Use one of these tablet holders to make recipes easy to see on your phone or iPad while cooking.

It takes time, but organizing is always worth it. A beautiful and functional space makes staying home so much nicer. Share your organized pantry with us on Instagram! #beckiowensfeature


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