How to Turn your Home into a Learning Environment

The kids are home! If yours are like ours, they are already bored. Hours of free time can soon feel like chaos and worksheets for home school can be uninspiring. Recreate the structure of school and keep your students engaged with dedicated learning centers throughout your home. Create a daily schedule where your kids rotate through each space to complete different subjects and activities. It will keep time moving and minds learning. Take a look at the centers we are using to transform our homes into effective learning environments!

Dedicated Desk Space

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Set your child up for successful studying. Find a spot in your home that is clean, soothing, and full of light. It could be a desk in your kid’s bedroom, a space of their own in your home office, or a cleared off dining table. Gather all the supplies they will need to complete any written assignments including books, paper, pencils, crayons, workbooks, and their tablet or computer.


Cozy Reading Nook

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Find an unused spot in the home and create a cozy reading nook. Add a chair and light to the corner of a room, a daybed under the stairs, or a tent in the playroom. Make it inviting with plenty of pillows, throws, and books.


Stress-free Art Space

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Do you have a spot in the home that can be easily cleaned? Make it the art room.Tiled rooms and outdoor spaces are perfect for art. Your student can create without you worrying about ruined carpet or hardwood. Add a folding table to your laundry, mudroom, or garage full of art supplies and craft ideas.


Home Gym

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Let the kids make use of your home gym, or clear a space in the family room for exercise. YouTube Yoga for Kids or pull out your exercise videos and let the whole family join in. If your house has no space, send the kids outside for a bike ride, jog, or sports.


Backyard Science Lab

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Get the kids outdoors exploring in the backyard. Create a nature scavenger hunt, find examples of the 5 life kingdoms, or set up a station for experiments that are too messy for the indoors.


Structured Play Time

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Give free time some structure and make old toys feel new again. On slips of paper, write down the names of toys that your kids have forgotten (Legos, Monopoly, modeling clay). Have them pick a slip from a basket and let that be their activity for the afternoon.


Kitchen Cooking

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Turn dinner prep into a cooking class! Let the kids help pick and prepare the menu. Check out some kid-friendly recipes in this post. While dinner is cooking have them help clean and organize the kitchen. My kids keep my spice drawer organized alphabetically.

With a little prep and creativity your home can be transformed to fit your kids needs this month! Good luck and stay healthy!



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