Smart Spring Organization Tips

Pura Vista Project / Photography: Andrew Drew

It’s time for Spring Cleaning! The change of seasons is a good excuse to reenergize your home with a thorough cleaning and organization overhaul. For advice, we turned to the Neat Method. They recently sent us some beautiful products that are really helping me to keep my own spaces organized and they share great tips on their site. We read this article and are now recommitting to these new habits that will keep our homes feeling fresh.


Pura Vista Project / Photography: Andrew Drew

Get rid of the clutter and items you don’t need throughout the home. The task can feel overwhelming, but make an attainable daily or monthly goal to tackle each space. Even going through one closet or drawer can get you started and motivated. Take inventory of what you really need and donate items you never use.

Give Everything in your Home a Designated Space

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If there is a plan for each item in your home, you always know where it should go when cleaning up. If you bring something into your home that doesn’t fit into any category, take the time to create space for it. Add shelves, a bin, or further declutter to make more room.

Put Things Away as Soon as Possible

Pura Vista Project / Photography: Andrew Drew

Don’t let your surfaces pile up with things that need to be put away! Create a habit of only placing items down in their designated spots. If it’s not a convenient time to clean, we like to use baskets in every room to easily conceal the stuff you can’t get to right away,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Shop with Available Space in Mind

Pura Vista Project / Photography: Andrew Drew

Avoid a cluttered space by only buying new items you absolutely love and have a good place to display or store it. There will always be beautiful items to purchase, but if you buy them all, it is almost impossible to keep your home organized and clean. Take time to think about if you really love it, need it, and have space for it.

For more tips, browse the Neat Method and shop below to help you organize and beautify. Heres to Spring!


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