7 Ways to Revamp your Open Shelf Styling

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Styled shelves throughout your home create a beautiful curated look and feel. Whether it’s open shelving in the kitchen, your study bookshelf, or built-ins in your living space, removing accumulated color and customizing your look with objects you love might be the revamp your space has been needing. Take a look at seven ways you can make your shelves look better than ever.


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No matter if you are styling in your kitchen or your office, open shelves are not for clutter. To pull off the look you need to edit your ceramics, tools, art,  books, and appliances. Your shelves will be for your most used everyday items mixed with a few pretty accents. Donate items you never use, so that you can save precious storage space for things you need but don’t want or need displayed on your shelves.

Balance Height, Shape, and Color

Family Ties Custom Build / Rebekah Westover Photography

When you have finished your arrangement, step back and see how it looks at a distance. We like to create overall balance by mixing heights, colors, and shapes throughout each of the shelves. You want the eye to take in the whole arrangement without one color or item sticking out awkwardly.

Stick to a Color Scheme

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Mismatched dishes in a rainbow of color can add a very busy vibe to your space. If the eclectic look is not your aesthetic, sticking to a color scheme can help your shelves look clean and organized. For us, we like a neutral palette of white, black, and earthy woods and ceramics.

Layer in a few Antique or Artisan Finds you Love

Desert Oasis Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Although you may want your shelves to be functional, adding in a few special pops brings personality and character to your space. Whether it’s a piece of your Mom’s china, or your grandma’s oil painting, add in some history. Antiques not your thing? Try layering in artisan handiwork. Our collection includes carved olive wood bowls, hand-thrown ceramics, and carved horn serving utensils.

Illuminate with Beautiful Lighting

Desert Oasis Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Illuminate your shelf styling with a warm glow. In a new build or remodel, plan to install sconces. If adding electrical isn’t in your plans, add a lamp. It’s an unexpected look that creates a warm, welcoming vibe.

Include Baskets for Extra Storage

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Pops of green always keeps a display feeling fresh and vibrant. Add a few plants on different shelves. If you know the space receives little light, go faux. Fake greens have gotten pretty good and still make for a beautiful look.


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