Transforming our Torina Project with Pravada Floors

Today we are excited to introduce our Torina project. We are updating this Tuscan track home into a fresh coastal home with timeless traditional elements. The flooring choice was a critical, creating the foundation for the whole design. And Since one of our most asked design questions is, “What hardwood floors should I pick?”, today we are sharing the amazing hardwood flooring resource that we are using. Have you seen Pravada flooring? It’s so good. Read on for details and Torina Project progress pics.


We chose Pravada because we had seen how beautiful it looked in several homes we admire. Look how fresh and pretty Pravada looks in these kitchens:

Ohio Farmhouse / Pravada Brule

Kristy Wicks / Pravada Chateau Blanc


About Pravada

Pravada offers a lot of different beautiful style options and colors all using high quality woods with a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability. Their floors use less raw harvested materials than other floors, but still help you achieved the rich, high end character you want in your space. They are also backed by a 35-year old limited warranty. Learn more and and find your favorite floor color and style here!

Pravada in our Torina Project

In Torina, we chose the prettiest floors from Pravada’s new Canvas Collection. The European white-oak planks are long and wide for a fresh foundation that looks beautiful, light, and airy in farmhouse, coastal, or modern style homes.

We chose the Palette colorway. It’s a light neutral color with a wire-brush finish and a hint of white wash. The knots are walnut brown so the flooring pairs well with the mixed wood tones we are using in the space. Pravada offers products with little or lots of variance in the color and grain. Palette has quite a bit of variance for a rich organic look that we like.

The wood is finished with Pravada’s Endura Finish. This lacquer creates a strong protective finish that resists dirt stains, water, and everyday wear and tear. We are running the wood flooring throughout the entire space, so durability is as important as the look.

Installation was fast and easy. For those of you who DIY, the flooring is suitable for all grades and can be nailed, glued, of floated.

For more information on Pravada floors and to see all their product, look here. Check back soon for a complete before and after transformation! We can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

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16 thoughts on “Transforming our Torina Project with Pravada Floors

  1. Alex says:

    Can you order directly from Pravda if there isn’t a retailer near? I’m in Colorado and the closest is Utah. I’ve tried going to a few retailer websites and they are terrible to navigate! If you have a retailer you recommend that would be great!

  2. Ashley Silverman says:

    Looks amazing!!! I am looking to order Pravada floors for my house. Was in between Pallette color that you used and Genre. I was worried that the Pallette was too “yellow,” but it does not look like it in your photos. Any thoughts on that please??? It sounds like you were very happy with them after install. Also, any thoughts on the way you think the color of wood floors is trending? Thank you so much in advance 🙂

    • Becki Owens says:

      Hi – some of the planks do appear more yellow in color, but there is a lot of variance. Once they are installed that yellow blends and isn’t a dominant color. It looks lovely.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Love your floors! Did they install it on the stairs or did you have to do an oak with stain to match? If so what stain did you use?

    • Becki Owens says:

      Hi we did install them on the stairs, but then use different wood in a custom matching stain for the nose of the stairs.

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