Introducing My New Wood Alternative Flooring Collection

The foundation of any great design starts with beautiful flooring. One of my most frequently asked questions is; “How do I choose flooring that looks good and is easy to maintain?” Today I’m thrilled to share the solution! I have partnered with Hewn flooring to create a collection of Stoneform, wood alternative, floors that meet your needs for a beautiful designer look with practical durability. My new collection of flooring is resilient and affordable. Stoneform planks look just like traditional wood floors but outlast and outperform them. This custom collection creates the high-end, wood look I love with long, wide planks in a range of beautiful tones. There is a perfect color option for any project. Click here to buy and order samples now. See below to learn more and see our custom created colors.

Hewn’s revolutionary Stoneform floors are crafted largely from stone and built to capture the dimension, texture, and feel of traditional flooring—without the upkeep, risk, or cost. Nearly indistinguishable from hardwood and tile, Stoneform is as breathtaking as it is resilient, waterproof, and eco-friendly.

So many of our clients want the beautiful organic look of hardwood, but need a more durable option that can hold up to kids, pets, water, or just general wear and tear. Hewn floors create effortless beauty. For my line, I ensured that the dimensions were the same as the wide plank look I use in my designs and carefully selected beautiful custom colors with my clients in mind. Whether you want a weathered coastal look or a medium tone full of warmth, the collection has the right flooring for any project.


 / Weathered / Honey / Golden / Rustic / Antique / Bare /

We can’t wait to show you how we are using our new Hewn Floors in our upcoming projects, so check back soon. To order samples and buy now visit our collection here. 

Can’t wait for you to try it out!




44 thoughts on “Introducing My New Wood Alternative Flooring Collection

  1. Gabriella says:

    Hi Becki! I absolutely LOVE this new collection of yours!! I’m curious how the pricing for this flooring compares to the pricing of the Domaine Montrichard wood flooring you’ve used in other homes in the past? I ordered a sample of your Elite Golden, and I’m obsessed with it!! I’m considering having our builder use your collection instead of the flooring we currently have selected.

  2. Jeannie says:

    Hi, Becki.
    We are renovating a home on raised concrete slab at the NC coast. My brother, an architect and contractor (commercial and residential), recommended LVP over tile or glued wood floors—but said to consider “gluing it down” so it does not “sound like vinyl” as you walk on it. He said vinyl plank now looks like wood but still sounds like vinyl or laminate when installed in “click” fashion… and runs risk of shifting, too. Do you have a take on this. I ordered samples of golden and honey…and I really want it to be quiet and real-looking.


    • Becki Owens says:

      Yes – If you glue down a floated floor you take away it’s ability to expand and contract uniformly. Defeats the purpose. It also voids the warranty. Stoneform cannot be glued down. We use a sound absorbing ixpe pad that deadens any hollow sound. If the concrete is not flat and has any deflection more than 3/16” in 10’ it could potentially cause a hollow sound.

  3. NANCY says:

    Is this flooring considered a laminate ? We are building a new home and the builder is using white oak flooring. How much difference in price would this be to a white oak flooring.

    • Becki Owens says:

      Hi – the flooring is Stoneform – you can read more about it here. It’s a great alternative to wood flooring at a more affordable price point.

  4. Kristen Billings says:

    Hi Becki! Absolutely love everything you post. I believe many of the homes you decorate on are the west coast. I live in Maryland and am strongly considering the luxury vinyl flooring. I would love to see an entire room or rooms in person with the material. Do you know of any spaces I could check out? thank you!

    • Becki Owens says:

      This home we just finished and highlights the Weathered color of our new Alternative Wood Flooring. Check out all the colors here and order samples. They are beautiful in person.

  5. Kathleen Coyle says:

    Hi Becky
    Your product looks lovely. Is it considered an LVP? What is the rating for off gassing?
    Is it interlocking?
    Is there an underlayment?
    We have for plank and are considering your product for a remodel wing of our home
    Yours is the most attractive that we have seen
    Thank you

    • Becki Owens says:

      Hi – here are some answers to your questions about Hewn Stoneform Flooring.

      1. Stoneform is floor score certified, meaning there is no off gassing or harmful VOC’s.
      2. It is a click floor, using the industry standard Unilin click system. It is also a floating floor which means you don’t need any glue.
      3. The underlayment comes already attached to the flooring. If you are installing on a concrete slab, you will want to put down a vapor barrier prior to installing the floor!

  6. Rachel Escudier says:

    Hi! Love this collection! Which color is closest to natural white oak? I have hardwood white oak floors in most of the house but the entry way is on a concrete slab so my contractor is suggesting LVP for there. I’m a bit worried it won’t match the rest and look odd?

    • Becki Owens says:

      Hi – So sorry they are not available in the UK at this time.
      We hope to expand internationally in the future. Thank you for your interest.

  7. Britni McCall says:

    Hi! I’m interested in the “Bare” color. I’ve ordered the 12″ sample and am now ordering a couple pieces of full length slabs in this color. I don’t see many pictures of it’s use online. Is this a newer color? Do you have any projects you’ve used “Bare” in?

    • Becki Owens says:

      Hi – all of the flooring is newer and very popular. It’s been selling out very quickly. As we get more images we will post them installed. We appreciate your interest and recommend order a few color samples to compare. Thank You

  8. Ali Momin says:

    Hi Becki

    We want to install the Stoneform in our home. But can Stoneform be installed over existing porcelain tile like LVT? Need an answer before I purchase it. 😉

  9. Priyanka Singh says:

    Can we install it in kitchen and bathrooms. I have tiled floors in kitchen and bathroom and want to know if these floors are good at handling moisture specifically in bathrooms like wet feet etc

  10. Michelle says:

    I saw the last post from October. I have tile, red oak flooring on my main level. So if I lay this over existing floor will it sound like vinyl? Or should I tip out existing flooring 🤦🏼‍♀️? It’s a huge job but want it to feel, look & sound like wood floors. Plan on selling house in 3-4 years, so need something timeless, durable

    • Becki Owens says:

      If the existing hardwood is level (which isn’t always the case because hardwood can warp easily) then the Stoneform flooring can be floated over the top of it. If it isn’t level, you will want to rip out existing floor!

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