7 Ways to Revamp your Open Shelf Styling

Styled shelves throughout your home create a beautiful curated look and feel. Whether it's open shelving in the kitchen, your study bookshelf, or built-ins in your living space, removing accumulated color and customizing your look with objects you love might be the revamp your space has been needing. Take a look at seven ways you can make your shelves look better than ever. 

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Friday Favorites

For this week's favorites we are highlighting a holiday decor accessory from our own Halloween collection. This substantial woven pumpkin makes a fun statement throughout the holiday season. Use a few on your front porch, as part of your dining centerpiece or simply display it on a counter. The woven detail and wheat tones are a perfect fit to layer into your existing decor. See how we've styled this decorative pumpkin in our spaces and check out more of this week's favorite finds.

11 Affordable Fall Styling Essentials

A beautiful foundation is the start of a great design, but it is the styling that brings it to life. The fall lis a great time to spruce up your spaces with the little accessories that make all the difference. From a statement arrangement of pampas grass, to faux plants to add a bit of greenery, these items are the finishing touches that make your spaces look curated and complete. Today we have 11 styling essentials that are perfect for refreshing your living areas and bathrooms.

Get to Know our Exclusive Home Scent Collection

Our fall focus is all about creating a warm inviting vibe inside our homes. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to create a welcoming atmosphere is with scent. Whether you want cozy notes of warm amber to welcome the change of season, or to hold on to summer a little longer with a hint a coconut and sea salt, our signature scent collection with Pura will transform your space. Get to know all our scents and find your favorite!

3 Porcelain Countertops we Love

Porcelain countertops are a new favorite of ours for clients that love the look of natural stone but need a more durable, affordable option. Porcelain is a man-made countertop similar to quartz. Like quartz, it is super durable, non-porous, and more affordable than natural stone. But porcelain sets itself apart form quartz by using ink jet printing to copy the veining, color, and texture of your favorite natural stone. The look is very realistic and beautiful. When considering the best countertop for you, porcelain is definitely one to consider. Here are three we love.

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