5 Affordable Items to Keep you Organized this Year

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The new year feels like a fresh start and so it’s the perfect time to give your home a little organizational makeover. With a plan in place, even the most disorganized spots in your home can stay clutter free. So after you’ve spent the time cleaning up, sorting, and discarding unused items, take a look at these five affordable items that will help you maintain a clean, polished look all year long.


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Your goal should not be to keep consoles, dressers, and counters totally cleared off. It’s just not realistic. Instead, identify necessary clutter for each space and organized it on a tray. All the sudden your items that before looked messy, now feel collected and intentional. Place a shallow bowl on your entry console for keys, a tray on the bathroom counter for bottles and towels, and one by your nightstand for your phone, jewelry, and lotion.




There seem to be a few items that always end up on the floor–towels, robes, backpacks, coats. Give these items a dedicated place off the floor. Install hooks in the entry, garage, back of the door, or inside the closet. Think about where the items usually get dumped, and see if it makes sense to place a hook right there so the change in behavior is minimal and convenient. There are so many beautiful hook options in different shapes, metals, and textures. Pick one that adds to your design.


Drawer and Shelf Dividers


The key to keeping drawers and closets organized is to ensure that every item has it’s own spot. Adjustable dividers create dedicated spaces that make you think twice before tossing a hodge-podge of junk in the drawer. They work great in your kitchen drawers for utensils, spices, and dish towels and in the bedroom for socks, ties, workout gear, and t-shirts.



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Baskets are our favorite way to hide clutter. Style one in your entry to collect shoes, in the kitchen for dirty dish towels, the playroom for toys, and close to the stairs so that you can gather all the toys, homework, and laundry that needs to go up or down and hide it until you are ready to clean.




Categorizing household items into bins keeps your shelves clutter free and helps you keep better tabs on what you are have, what you are using, and what needs to be discarded or replaced. It also makes everything easy to remove so that you can wipe everything down and keep it dust free. Use them in your pantry, fridge, cleaning supply cupboard, linen closet, and under the sink.

Here’s to 2022 being our most organized and productive year yet. Thanks for stopping by today!


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