Picking Paint with Corrine from Mint Arrow

This week I had a fun afternoon with Corrine of Mint Arrow. Corrine has an amazing deal blog that I love to check to see what’s new and on sale. It’s an exciting time for Corrine, with the anticipated arrival of a baby girl and a recent move into a new home. New moves make for lots of new decisions and one of the first for Corrine was to freshen up her home with new paint. We knew right away a white would create the updated, crisp look she wanted to achieve. From there, we just had to choose the right one. Here is how we selected the perfect white for her home.

white paint mint arrow and becki owens

white paint mint arrow and becki owens

First, we selected several whites to put up on the wall and compare. The goal was to find a white that would blend well with her existing white cabinets and trim. Conveniently, Benjamin Moore makes these little pint size samples so we tried a bunch.
For a list of all my favorite whites to choose from visit The White paint Guide post.

picking paint mint arrow
Then, we narrowed the choices to Benjamin Moore White white, White Dove, Simply White and Swiss coffee.
(Colors from left to Right above) The first white is the original trim color in her home.

white paint mint arrow and becki owens
With them all visually marked on the wall it was easy to discuss the subtle differences in the whites.

white paint mint arrow and becki owens
We ended up selecting Benjamin Moore, White Dove. It blended well with her trim and cabinets without being too stark.

This was the beginning of a fun project. Stay tuned for some pictures of the paint transformation and more to come with Mint Arrow. Don’t forget to check out a roundup of some of her favorite home items on sale on her blog! Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “Picking Paint with Corrine from Mint Arrow

  1. Jessica says:

    I am in the process of doing this right now! I was going to paint the walls the same color as the trim … is that not a good idea?!?

    • admin says:

      I paint the trim and walls the same color all the time. We were just not 100% sure what the trim color was, because they were painted by the previous owner and didn’t need to be repainted. So yes I do like painting them the same color. I hope that helps. Thanks.

  2. Erica says:

    I have taken a look at your white paint guide but still feel a little confused as to what white will look best in a darker room with minimal to no natural light…should I be looking at cool whites, off whites, or grey whites? I want it to feel fresh…

  3. bobby says:

    I just moved into a home with more textured walls. I want to paint the whole open family room/kitchen area a bright white. Do you have any advice for what type of white would look best on something textured?

  4. KERrie says:

    I could use your advice! My current trim and cabinets are BM simply white, however, both are color matches from two different paint manufactuers, not BM. My celing is the real BM simply white.

    Here is my problem. When I swatch BM simply white against my trim, my trim looks dingy:( both the trim and cabinets look warmer than the swatch. I’m not sure if I’m over analyzing it or what to swatch next. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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