Our Kitchen Design Process: Villa Bonita 2 Project

A kitchen should be functional and really really pretty since it is where you spend a lot of your time. When we design a kitchen we really want to have an overall vision so that when I break it down piece by piece it still cohesively flows together in the end. In our Villa Bonita 2 Project we wanted a kitchen that felt modern but very warm and inviting. Take a look at how we built up the design for this space.

When we start a kitchen, we like to begin my creative process by picking a slab and let the design go from there. The decision is based off of both aesthetics and practicality. We always prefer marble but it is hard to maintain and stone alternates are often better for the project.

In Villa Bonita 2, we knew we wanted the modern statement of a waterfall counter. Although we originally picked out Danby Marble for it’s beautiful warm marbling, we ultimately went with more budget-friendly porcelain. We used Bedrosians Magnifica Calacatta Porcelain in Super White Honed. It is a beautiful option that authentically mimics the veining of real stone while being much more durable and affordable.

With white slabs, we like to pair them with warm wood. Here, we used both white oak flooring and cabinetry. Natural wood creates that inviting feeling in a white kitchen so that it doesn’t feel stark.

Next, we like to move on to lighting. It makes a statement in the space and can define the look. In fact, sometime we even begin with lighting if we see something we love and let that set the tone. We loved the look of these simple white cone pendants and knew they would add interest without detracting from the statement stone. The lines stay clean, while the brass pops with additional warmth and color.

We always like to ensure there is an interesting mix of materials in a kitchen so that it doesn’t fall flat. Villa Bonita 2 mixes both black and brass metals, uses two different types of open shelving (custom iron and white oak), and two different but coordinating backsplashes. In the main kitchen we carried up the porcelain counters to the ceiling, but in the pantry nook we used tile.

We have never switched up the backsplash nor the open shelving like this. On paper we were a little nervous it might feel disjointed, but on install we knew that our vision was right. The mix of materials makes the kitchen much more interesting.

The switch in materials also works to set the open pantry apart from the main kitchen. It is part of the kitchen, but it is tucked behind in a little nook. we like to think how design options can define or unify a space.

In our Design Network show, “Becki and Brett: From Rendering to Reality” my brother and I break down the spaces we have designed together and discuss the materials and layouts we chose and why. If you haven’t seen it yet, catch up! Visit The Design Network online to stream past episodes now.

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