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Our fall focus is all about creating a warm inviting vibe inside our homes. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to create a welcoming atmosphere is with scent. Whether you want cozy notes of warm amber to welcome the change of season, or to hold on to summer a little longer with a hint a coconut and sea salt, our signature scent collection with Pura will transform your space. Get to know all our scents and find your favorite!

Pomegranate Blush 

This is a cozy scent perfect for creating warmth as the weather outside cools. Juicy pomegranate, raspberry whipped cream, and swirls of warm amber intermingle in this velvety treat. Try it here!


Sugar Blossom

This scent is a fresh take on fall. Notes of red berries, caramel, and a splash of lime combine to create a fruity and fresh scent reminiscent of sugared flower bouquets. Try it!



Fresh air and deep blue ocean notes pair with precious Turkish rose petals and jasmine absolute to create a dreamscape. It’s a great scent if you like to be transported to a warmer climate during the cold winter months. Buy it here!


Beach Glow

Exotic white flowers, coconut, and fresh ozone bergamot make it easy to lose yourself in a lush island dream. Try Beach Glow!


Vanilla Berry

Hold on to that summer bliss a little longer with warm vanilla extract and sun-ripened berries paired with hints of turquoise ocean notes and sparkling citrus. Order Vanilla Berry here.


Coconut Calm

Welcome endless summer sensations with cool ocean breezes, dreamy island coconut, and sensuous vanilla bourbon. See it here.

A fresh scent is such an affordable way to transform the vibe in your home. We use these scents daily and are excited for you to try them all! Not yet familiar with Pura? They’ve reimagined home fragrance with a home diffuser controlled from your computer or phone. Order your fragrance, set the intensity, and have it run on an efficient schedule all managed from your phone. Learn more and order your Pura x Becki Owens scents and smart home fragrance diffuser here.


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