Introducing Our New Becki Owens x Pura Winter Collection

New Becki Owens x Pura Home Scents – Pomegranate Blush and Sugar Blossom

This has been a big week for us and today we have more exciting news!! Just in time for the holidays we have added two incredible new home scents to our Becki Owens x Pura collection. Our new scents are Pomegranate Blush and Sugar Blossom. These new, fresh fragrances make the perfect gifts for mothers, friends and anyone you want to give a lovely home gift this season. Read on to learn more about their individual scent notes.

Becki Owens x Pura Sugar Blossom
Becki Owens x Pura Sugar Blossom


Sweet. Fruity. Fresh.

Sugar Blossom is a sweet, fruity and fresh scent. Your spaces will smell of a beautiful combination of ripe fruits, delicate florals, and sweet treats. Sugared lime and red berries bring an energizing fruitiness to the scent, while fluffy cotton candy and swirls of caramel add a mouth-watering sweetness. Creamy notes of vanilla and sandalwood round the fragrance out, altogether creating a feeling that is perfectly lovely and happy.

New Becki Owens x Pura Pomegranate Blush Scent
New Becki Owens x Pura Pomegranate Blush Scent


Creamy. Tart. Warm.

Pomegranate Blush is a creamy scent with tart notes combine with warmth for a completely blush-worthy scent. Ruby red pomegranate and creamy coconut invite dreams of tropical escapes, and rhubarb flower, raspberry cream, and fluffy musk will have you wishing for warm summer days. This is one fragrance that will make spending time in your home feel like an absolute treat.

Each of the scents from our Pura home scent collection create spaces that feel inviting the moment you walk in your home. It’s our goal to help your spaces feeling cheery, bright and even like a staycation. A lovely smelling home is gift to everyone who spend times in it. Click here to purchase our two newest scent and here to view our whole collection. Remember to use BECKI10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase. Have fun shopping and gifting and have a wonderful Wednesday!



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