11 Affordable Fall Styling Essentials

Shop pampas grass and faux plants – PC – Rebekah Westover

A beautiful foundation is the start of a great design, but it is the styling that brings it to life. The fall lis a great time to spruce up your spaces with the little accessories that make all the difference. From a statement arrangement of pampas grass, to faux plants to add a bit of greenery, these items are the finishing touches that make your spaces look curated and complete. Today we have 11 styling essentials that are perfect for refreshing your living areas and bathrooms. Shop these quick and easy updates below and have a wonderful day!

 / 1 – Round Wood Mirror / 2 – Pampas Grass / 3 – Macrame Storage Baskets / 4  – Wood Pedestal Stool  / 5 – Two Tone Vase Set / 6 – Textured Soft Throw Blanket / 7 – Wicker Basket Set / 8 – Wood Beads / 9 – Faux Green Leaf Plant / 10 – Rustic Tray / 11 – Bathroom Storage Containers /

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