Our New Lovely Summer Home Scents

Shop Female Founded Summer Home Scent Kit
Shop Female Founded Summer Home Scent Kit

Summer months are some of our favorite. We love that we have a little more time to entertain. It’s definitely a time to gather. With the lovely weather, people are out and about more and neighbors tend to stop by. More than ever, this is the time to have a beautiful smelling home. All 8 of our Pura x Becki Owens home scents have entertaining in mind. We’ve created light, fresh scents that have people asking, “what is that beautiful smell?” the moment they walk in the door.

Recently we introduced our two newest home scents, Tangerine Dream and California Sun. If you haven’t had the chance to experience our two newest home scents read on to learn more.

Also, this Summer Pura is offering a special Summer home scent set. This set includes two signature scents from female-founded companies, Soap & Paper Factory’s Sun Kissed and Becki Owens’s Tangerine Dream, and a Pura smart fragrance diffuser. We are thrilled to be a part of this lovely combination of summer scents.


Tangerine Dream

Exotic. Lush. Cheerful.

The sun is warm on your face while salty air and an ocean breeze gently blow the cabana curtains. A plate of ripe, juicy tangerines sit on a bed of coconut cream while the scent of beach blossoms and warm musk swirl together in the wind. Cashmere wood and creamy vanilla bring balance to this cheerful scene, creating a beachy and relaxing vibe that will liven any space.

Becki Owens x Pura Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream Scent notes:

Top: salty air, tangerine juice

Middle: coconut cream, beach blossoms, sugar cane

Bottom: warm musk, cashmere wood, creamy vanilla

Becki Owens x Pura Tangerine Dream

California Sun

Enticing. Floral. Warm.

Imagine walking home after a warm afternoon at the beach, toes sandy and hair wind-blown. Floral notes of freesia, lavender, and orange blossom waft through the air as the glowing sunset settles in for the night. Earthy musk combines with vanilla and solar accord, creating a scent that brings a calming energy to every moment.

Becki Owens x Pura California Sun

California Sun Scent notes:

Top: freesia, lemon, lavender

Middle: orange blossom, jasmine, rose

Bottom: musk, sheer vanilla, solar accord

Becki Owens x Pura California Sun


All of our Pura x Becki Owens Home Scents will keep your home smelling like a staycation all summer long. Purchase our two newest scents or check out our whole collection to find your favorite. Use BECKI10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase! Have a wonderful summer day!




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