Warm Your Home with our New Yummy Becki Owens x Pura Scents!

Get your home cold-weather ready with our two new scents in the Becki Owens x Pura Collection! We love creating spaces that are inviting, livable, and ideal for gathering. “Candied Cranberry” and “Carmel + Clove” will infuse your space with scent to help you create a warmer welcome.

Candied Cranberry

Becki Owens x Pura “Candied Cranberry

Bright notes of clementine and cranberry swirl with raspberry, strawberry, and musk for powdery, sweet scent perfect for Christmas morning. Sweet. Fruity. Cheerful.


Imagine waking up to a snowy, happy Christmas morning. The scent of fresh clementines, candied cranberries, and sweet vanilla fills the air amidst strewn wrapping paper, laughing children, and the warmth of a crackling fire. Fruity notes of raspberry and strawberry swirl with base notes of grounding sandalwood and musk, creating an atmosphere of a sweet cheerfulness that only the holidays can bring.

Becki Owens x Pura “Candied Cranberry

Scent notes:

Top: clementine, cranberry, powdered sugar

Middle: rose, raspberry, vanilla

Bottom: strawberry, musk, sandalwood

Becki Owens x Pura “Candied Cranberry”


Caramel + Clove

Becki Owens x Pura “Carmel + Clove

This spicy and subtly sweet scent combines an alluring blend of orange, spices, and vanilla bourbon with cooling pine, caramel, and powdery musk. Spicy. Romantic. Intriguing.

This fragrance is a fresh take on spicy and sweet. Top notes of bright orange, cinnamon, and warming clove bud combine with comforting notes of pine and balsam, an unexpected and delightful twist. Sweet notes of caramel and vanilla bourbon blend with patchouli and powdery musk, creating a balanced and romantic scent that will leave your space feeling warm and welcoming.

Scent notes:

Top: Florida orange, Indonesia cinnamon, clove bud

Middle: Sylvester Pine, caramel, tonka bean, chocolate

Bottom: patchouli, vanilla bourbon, Australia santal album, Peru balsam, praline, musk

Becki Owens x Pura “Carmel + Clove

Each of the scents from our Pura home scent collection create spaces that feel inviting the moment you walk in your home. Purchase our two newest scents or check out our whole collection to find your favorite + update your home with Pura 4 the just released, sleeker, smarter, diffuser. Read more about it here. Be sure to enter Becki10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase!


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