Welcome the New Year with these 5 Easy Updates

Happy New Year! January is the time of fresh starts and new goals. Unhappy with holiday clutter or dated spaces in your home? Today we are making it easy to refresh your space with simple, affordable interior updates that have major impact. A few can be accomplished today. So here’s to 2020 and making your home goals a reality!


Cleanse your Pallete with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Summit Creek Project Laundry / Photography: Rebekah Westover Photography

If you have painted a room in your home before, you know it can be transformative. Go white for a completely clean pallete, or a bold color for a new inspiring vibe. We have all the hints you need to successfully DIY your project, plus some of our go-to colors in our Paint Resource Guide. So download here and get started!

Declutter your Surfaces

Summit Creek Project Office / Photography: Rebekah Westover Photography

Most of us have desks, dressers, kitchen counters and shelves that collect old mail, electronics, kids homework, spare parts, etc. If you leave it there long enough, you start to overlook it and it can become a permanent fixture in your home. Take a close look at your space, be real about what you need and don’t need and then discard and organize.

Edit your Shelf Styling

Summit Creek Project / Photography: Rebekah Westover Photography

Look twice at your shelves, have they become a space for every photo and nick-knack you don’t know what to do with? Make your styling feel intentional with the tips in this post.

Remove Dated Window Coverings and Let in the Light

Summit Creek Project / Photography: Rebekah Westover Photography

Dated, dirty window coverings can define a space. Even if you can’t afford to replace them so soon after holiday spending, many times you are better off just removing them in the mean time. If it’s not a space that demands privacy, there is no design rule that mandates window coverings. Leave your windows bare and let in the light!


Update your Look with a New Colorful Accent

Summit Creek Project / Photography: Rebekah Westover Photography

There are a lot of killer after Christmas sales going on right now. It is a great time to find a few fun updates for your home. If you missed our sales roundups this week catch up here and here.  In the last year we have been adding warm, earth accents to our homes. Get the look with a new rug, throw, or pillow. Or, if warm and earthy is not your thing, embrace the Pantone’s 2020 Color Forecast and go for Classic Blue. We’ll be sharing more color inspirations throughout the month so check back for ideas!

We are really excited for a new year of projects, inspirations, and trends so be sure you are following along with us! Happy New Year!


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