How to Style a Bookshelf

Summit Creek Project – Photography: Rebekah Westover Photography


Built-in bookshelves makes an instant statement, filling a room with warmth, color, and interest. It is the perfect way to deal with a collection of books or to display art, photos, and family heirlooms. It is also my favorite way for seamlessly incorporating the oversized tv that most of us have into the design of the room. Today we are sharing tips on how to style a bookshelf to create a beautifully curated look.



Mix Heights

Summit Creek Project – Photography: Rebekah Westover Photography

Groupings of three are always visually appealing. One tip is to create these groupings throughout the shelf using one tall object, one medium, and

one short.


Balance Color

Double Eagle Project – Photography: Mykals Architectural Photography

Pay attention to the colors of the objects on your shelf and make the display feel balanced by spreading out each color high and low and left to right. Take a step back to get an overview and see if your eye is drawn to only one spot because of too bold a color grouping.


Consider Scale

Town Center Project – Photography: Alyssa Ence Photography

If you have a beautiful object that fills the space, let it stand on its own and make a statement. Consider then using a grouping of smaller objects on the next shelf. Playing with the scale of objects on each shelf keeps things interesting.


Group Books

Modern Eclectic Playroom collaboration with Nicole Davis

Create stacks of your favorite books and place some vertically and others horizontally. You can group by color for a bold look, spread out the different colors for a restful display, or keep it neutral by turning books spine to the wall so that only white pages are visible.


Add Greenery

Brio Project – Photography: Alyssa Ence Photography

Pops of green always keeps a display feeling fresh and vibrant. Add a few plants on different shelves. If you know the space receives little light, go faux. Fake greens have gotten pretty good and still make for a beautiful look.


Make it Personal with Photos

Vidriosa Project – Photo: Autumn Grace Photography

Bookshelves give you a perfect excuse to print out and blow up your favorite photos. Frame them in different wood tones and metals for a dynamic modern look.

Layer Art

Summit Creek Project Bunk Room – Photography: Rebekah Westover Photography

Elevate your decor with art. Finding a painting, photograph, or sketch that catches your eye and means something to you creates a unique, personalized vibe in you home.


Hide Storage

Vidriosa Project – Photo: Autumn Grace Photography

Your bookshelves can be a great place for extra storage. Get beautiful baskets that hide electronics, craft supplies, toys, etc…


Try out some of these tips to create shelves full or beauty and interest + shop bookshelf styling tools and props below to flush out your look.

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