Q&A: The White Grouts we use in our Tiling Projects

Family Ties Custom Build / Rebekah Westover Photography / Mapei Alabaster Unsanded Grout

Grout doesn’t seem like a complicated decision. That is until you’re ready to install your tile and actually have to pick the grout you want. It’s like choosing white paint, there are a lot of different shades and each one will look different on install depending on the tile you are using, the amount of light in the room, and the other colors in the space. So although there is no simple answer to the question we often get, “What white grout should I use?,” we think knowing the exact grouts we have used in our tile projects at least gives you an idea of where to start. Here are a few for you to try.

Custom Building Products Snow White

Torina Project / Brynn Alyson Photography

Although Snow White is a light grout, it pulls warm paired with this zellige from Riad Tile. We like the way that it blends with the color variation in the tile and doesn’t make it’s own statement, leaving the emphasis on the beauty of the tile itself. This is one of our installers go-to whites.

Mapei Alabaster

Family Ties Custom Build / Rebekah Westover Photography

We paired Mapei Alabaster Unsanded Grout with Cle Tile’s Sea Salt Zellige Tiles in the kitchen and pantry of our Family Ties Custom Build. We liked the warm gray undertone and thought it paired beautifully with the glazed tile. See more of this kitchen here!

Mapei Pure White

Family Ties Custom Build / Rebekah Westover Photography

Mapei Pure White reads as a crisp white paired with these French Linen wall tiles from Fireclay. We wanted a cool white to match the cool gray tile. If your tile needs a slightly warmer white try Mapei Avalanche. For more information on all the tiles used in this space, read the post Project Reveal: Family Ties Master Bathroom.

Custom Building Products Bright White

Summit Creek Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Bright White by Custom Building Products is another crisp cool white. It is a similar look to Mapei Pure White. We like the way it blends seamlessly with the white wall subway tiles but provides maximum contrast paired with the black hex floor tiles.

These whites were perfect for us, but be sure to try them out in your own project before you commit to one to avoid a super costly mistake on install day! Ask for recommendations from your installer since they are usually grout experts, and then ask them to mock up some sample boards with your tile to see what works best in your space.

For more tile and grout information and recommendations, check back soon! We love sharing what we are using to help you find your way in your own projects. Or read these recent tile posts.

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  1. Lindsay Walsh says:

    What grout color do you suggest with Cle’s Weathered White Zellige? I’ve seen you use that in several projects and wondered what your go to grout is fir that tile. Thanks, great article!

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