This Week’s Q+A: Marble Care and Maintenance

Last week’s Q+A was the first part of our series on marble countertops. It featured my favorite choices for marble when I design a kitchen or bath. If you read that post, or have seen any of my kitchen designs, you will see I love using marble and feel it’s a great choice for kitchen countertops. Today I want to address the biggest concern I hear about marble, how to care for and maintain it. But first, let’s finish the selection process.

Q: “What style of edge should I choose for my counters?”

how to style a ktichen owens and davis

A: I definitely have a favorite for this. I love the clean, modern look of a mitered edge. I will vary the thickness, sometimes using 2″, and sometimes using a 3″, depending on the design of the kitchen. For the kitchen above Nicole Davis and I used Colorado Gold with a 3″ mitered edge. We wanted the marble to be thick and substantial, the main focal point of this space.

modern mediterranean kitchen becki owens

In this modern mediterranean kitchen we chose Calcutta Gold with a 2″ mitered edge. We chose this thickness for a slightly lighter feel that worked well with the white washed cabinetry and the extended countertop for barstools.

marble counters maintenance becki owens
PC: Ashlee Raubach

If you are looking for a little more traditional style, the San Clemente Beach house is a great example. The Dupont square edge worked well for this beach house transitional design. This edge works well with both traditional and more modern clean lines. It was the perfect fit for this kitchen.

Q: How can I maintain my marble counters to keep them looking like new?

A: Marble is a natural beautiful stone that changes with use. There will be etching (which means the sheen is changes in that one spot) after some acid has spilled on it from lemons or vinegar, but with everyday use a beautiful patina will happen. I’ve had carrara marble in my kitchen for over 3 years and I love it. It has not stained or had any discolor at all and I cook all the time. If marble worries you, there are ways to keep it looking like new. First, start by having it sealed with Akemi Nano sealer. Then about once a year you can have it repolished or honed and sealed and it will look brand new!

Q: What are the best ways to clean marble?”

A: Marble cleans great with a marble cleaner called Alpine Marble cleaner. Another way to clean it is with a shammy. It will clean and polish your marble at the same time. Having your marble sealed will really help with this. When something acidic spills on your marble, it is best to blot it instead of rubbing it. If the stain is stubborn you can use a commercial marble cleaner to remove it.

Tip: Keep baking soda on hand. Use baking soda mixed with rubbing alcohol for grease type stains.  For water based stains, mix it with hydrogen peroxide.

The beauty of marble is that it does age well. Over time the spots and stains blend together and are not noticeable. I love the look of marble. It’s color and richness is timeless. As it ages, it adds interest to a home. I hope this information about edge choices and marble care and maintenance has been helpful. If you do decide to use marble in your home, I really hope you enjoy it. It’s beautiful. Have a wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “This Week’s Q+A: Marble Care and Maintenance

  1. Melissa Slaton says:

    This is awesome information, Becki! Tending to the needs of the marble is very important in maintaining its lustre. Sealing here is an important and crucial step in keeping it protected. This doesn’t mean that once sealed you are fine. Sealing is also dependent on your cleaning habits, and you hit the spot with your comments on cleaning it.

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