This Week’s Q+A: Marble Countertops

When I design kitchens and bathrooms my favorite choice for countertops is marble, I feel like there is nothing prettier than a slab of marble. I sometimes get questioned as to why I pick marble,”isn’t it hard to care for and maintain?” Marble has a very scary reputation that I personally don’t agree with. The truth is, I love using marble and have never regretted putting in a kitchen. I have marble countertops in my own kitchen at home and have recently used it kitchens with a family with eight kids and a family with six kids. They both love it and embrace its beauty. Today is the first of a two part Q + A on selecting, caring for and maintaining marble countertops. I hope this is helpful as you are deciding which is the best material for your upcoming projects. Maybe you will grow to love marble as I do.

Q: “Which marbles do you like to use in a kitchen and why?”

A: This is a good question. There are a lot of marbles to choose from. For Part 1 of this Q+A, I will focus on four of my favorite choices for marble counters. These are my go to selections for most of my projects.

1. Carrara

Pull Apart Bread

Carrara marble is white with a lot of gray veining throughout. The amount of veining creates an overall more gray cast to the marble. This marble works great in a cooler toned kitchen and is the least expensive option.

2. Statuary

san clemente beach house kitchen becki owens
san clemente beach house kitchen becki owens
PC: Ashlee Raubach

This marble is more mid price range. It also has a white background, but less gray veining than Carrara. For this kitchen we were looking for a marble without any hints of gold or warmth. This was the perfect choice for the cool, netural, open floor plan of this beach house.

3. Colorado Gold

Modern Coastal Kitchen Becki Owens

modern coastal kitchen becki owens

For this project we were looking for a countertop that was simple and very white to offset the existing, busier tile flooring in the kitchen. This marble is very white and and has minimal grey veining with a little gold going through it as well. It worked well to tie this updated, more modern space together.

4. Calcutta Gold

Kitchen Styling Essentials Owens and Davis

Calcutta Gold is a beautiful mix of larger grey and touches of gold veining throughout. It’s the most expensive choice, but works well to mix and tie together different tones in a space. I love the subtle warmth of this tile in this modern mediterranean kitchen. It’s definitely a favorite of mine. I’m currently using it in another project.

marble guide becki owens

I hope these descriptions of my favorite marbles help to narrow down your decision making process. Check back for part two of this Q+A, where I will be addressing edge choices and how to care for and maintain a beautiful marble kitchen.
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4 thoughts on “This Week’s Q+A: Marble Countertops

  1. Alex Jennings says:

    I’m thinking about remodeling my kitchen, and your posts have been very helpful. I’m trying to decide which granite countertop I would like to purchase. Calcutta Gold seems to be my favorite, so far! Do you know where I can purchase it?

    Alex Jennings |

  2. Lindsey says:

    Do you remember the paint color of the beach house kitchen island? The one with the black bar stools around it. Thank you!

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