How to Create an Organized Playroom

We often design spaces for children, or homes with young children.  Toys and storage is always a concern.  The challenge is creating a space that looks beautiful, but is still functional and fun for kids.  When it comes to creating a play space for your children organization is key! Today we are offering some of our tips on how to create an organized playroom.

1. PURGE! It helps to have a big clean out and donate to goodwill, organize the rest, and then select your favorite designed toys that can be out and read as an accessory rather than clutter.

2. Make Storage Beautiful. Use beautiful baskets to store and organize toys and help with clutter.  The baskets are great for all the plastic toys that aren’t as “pretty.” Label these baskets and it will help make clean up easy!  Another of our favorite ways to store toys are rolling boxes or carts.  You can keep them in the playroom and wheel them out to other areas of the house when needed.  We have some great examples of these below.

3. Create a Display. Set up a great shelf that is lined with baskets or books- this gives you the opportunity to create a pretty display or make a statement while adding a ton more toy storage.

4. Create a Secret Hideout. Children love to have a playhouse and a teepee is a great way to give them that and there are some great designs available now too.

5. Invest in great toys! Of course we love to choose toys that are not only fun but well designed.  This helps you to not feel overwhelmed with the “mess” of toys and showcase beautiful pieces. We have found that choosing toys that are beautifully made help clients feel that they add to their space rather than overwhelm them. These toys can also be heirlooms one day for grandchildren or nieces and nephews. We love beautifully hand crafted wood toys, stacking blocks in all colors, and large plush animals. Also, ride on toys are always a hit with kids!

6. Have fun with it!  As you are creating this space, keep in mind its where your children will escape to be creative and have fun.  Imagine what they will enjoy doing and how you will spend time with them in this space.

Creating an organized and beautiful play room will not only be fun for the kids, but will be a place you are proud to display and enjoy as well.  See below for our selection of favorite toys and storage containers for you to browse. Visit our SHOP for all of our playroom selections. Have a great day!

how to create an organized playroom
how to create an organized playroom
how to create an organized playroom
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