5 Design Mistakes + Easy Fixes

Over the years of  analyzing and redesigning spaces, I’ve found several common interior design mistakes that distract from the vibe of a space. Luckily, all these mistakes have an easy fix, a few of them without any cost. Take a look at my list below and then spend a few minutes to edit these 5 design mistakes out of  your home to achieve a polished designer look.


One of my design philosophies is less is more. Over designing a space creates a cluttered look that is neither fresh or modern. Invest in a few beautiful accessories like vintage textiles, pretty lighting and a beautiful potted plant to style your spaces, but keep it minimal and crisp.

las palmas family room

Las Palmas Project Family Room

Rug Size

There are so many amazing options for rugs right now, but its important to select a rug that is the right size for your space. In a living area, purchase a rug large enough to have the foot of all the furniture pieces underneath it. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 2 feet of space between the rug and the wall. But this can be adjusted for smaller spaces. If you are working with a small room, 12-18” from the wall is sufficient space.

Las Palmas Project Living Room

In a bedroom, it is important to have 1.5 to 2 feet of exposed rug from under the sides of the bed. For a king or queen bed this means an 8×10 or 9×12. For a full size, a 5×8 is usually large enough.

Estillo Project Master Bedroom

Art Size and Presentation

Art adds an important layer of color and texture to your space but when it’s the wrong size or poorly hung, it cheapens and distracts. Art should be hung at eye level so it can be fully appreciated. Also, it’s important to pick art that is well proportioned  to the space. If the art is too small, it can throw the whole room off balance. If you have a small piece of art that you love, use it to style your nightstand, book shelf, or add it to a gallery wall where other pieces will work to balance the space.

las palmas kitchen becki owens

Las Palmas Project Kitchen 

Pushing Furniture Against your Walls

Pushing your couches up against the walls in an attempt to leave the room feeling more open in the middle seems like it might work, but in reality it creates a space that feels awkward. Furniture should be grouped together to create a cozy setting that invites lounging and chatting. Pull your furniture away from the wall toward the center. Depending on your space, it might makes sense to have a couch against one wall, but all your furniture should not be pushed to the perimeter of the space.

before and after olympic way project becki owens

Olympic Way Project

Using Only Overhead Lighting

One way to create an inviting warm space, is to layer your lighting sources. A room that is either too dim or too bright is distracting and uncomfortable. By adding several different sources of light, you can adjust for the time of day and use of the room.

Las Palmas Project Living Room

In a living space, this might mean an overhead light, some sconces on the wall around the fireplace or artwork, a floor lamp in the corner, and a table lamp by the sofa. Check out these save and splurge lighting posts for pretty lighting picks: table lamps, floor lamps, flush mounts, and pendants.

upholstered day bed

Calle Tamara Project Living Room

These few easy tweaks can help give your space the effortless beauty that a designer works to achieve. Any other problems areas in your home you’re needing tips for? Let me know!

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design mistakes becki owens

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