Scary Styling Mistakes

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Happy Halloween! Scary is on our minds, and so today we are sharing spooky styling mistakes that haunt us. But don’t be too frightened, these mistakes are easily and affordably fixed. So read on for a few common design mistakes and the simple ways you can remedy them.

Creepy Clutter

AVOID: Don’t scare away visitors with a home full of clutter. Even if the objects are beautiful, add too many and they all start to feel like junk.

TRY THIS: Be intentional with your design. Invest in a few beautiful accessories like vintage textiles, artisan ceramics, original art, and a beautiful potted plant to style your spaces, but keep it minimal and crisp. You are always going to see pieces that you love if you go out shopping. Only bring an item home with you if you have a need for it or a dedicated spot to display it that will add to the design, not detract from whats already there.

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Dim Lighting

AVOID: A room that is either too dim or too bright is distracting and uncomfortable.

TRY THIS: Layer your lighting sources to create a well lit space that maintains a warm welcoming glow. By adding several different sources of light, you can adjust for the time of day and use of the room. This might mean an overhead light, some sconces on the wall, a floor lamp in the corner, and a table lamp by the bed or sofa.

Golden Hour Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Lifeless Spaces

AVOID: Dull spaces that feel flat.

TRY THIS: Add color, texture, and vibrant color with live plants. As long as your space gets some light, there is usually a plant that can thrive. Ask your closest nursery for advice and then plant it in a ceramic pot, woven basket, or glass vase to add instant life and beauty.

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Cold Conversations

AVOID: Cold living rooms that feel vacant and unwelcoming.

TRY THIS: From the ground up, create a welcoming vibe with warm textiles. Start with a rug that creates a soft step while adding color or pattern, add in a few pillows that create beauty and a more comfortable seat, and then layer in a few soft throws that invite guests to cozy up.

Summit Creek Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Happy Halloween! Heres to keeping your holiday spooky, but your home welcoming and fresh.



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