2024 Trend: Nature Inspired Color Palette

Elevated Views Project / Mykals Photography

We love talking trends at the start of each year. The looks we are loving and the evolution in design is a topic our clients are always interested in discussing. Although we always think you should design your home based on the looks you love whether trending or not, it is fun to get new ideas.Today we are discussing a major design trend, the nature inspired color palette. From creamy and cool whites, blues, and greens to shades of brown and rust, earth-tone colors create a timeless look that is organic and restful. Whether you only want to bring the trend in through accent decor, or make a bigger statement with deep wall color and bold tile, here are a few ideas to get the look.

Pura Vista Project / Austin Drew Photography

Warm earthy terra-cotta tile adds the pretty vibe paired with white walls and gray stone in this Pura Vista Project bathroom.

Elevated Views Project / Mykals Photography

A mix of throw pillows in warm browns and cool blues adds pretty depth to this built in nook.

Bellota Project / Brynn Alyson Photography

Light blue tile adds a breath of fresh color in this pretty warm wood kitchen.

Pura Vista Project / Mykals Photography

A soft blue rug (shop it here) makes a pretty pairing with a brown linen quint and sandy linen pillows. Its a coastal inspired palette that invites a calm rest in this bedroom.

Pura Vista Project / Austin Drew Photography

Dark slate and rich terra-cotta add earthy contrast to this crisp white bathroom. Bringing in natural stones, and clay tiles is a favorite way to get the look.

View Point Custom Project

A warm earthy rug from our Becki Owens x Surya rug collection coordinates with the red rock vista out the windows. A nature inspired color palette helps create beautiful flow between indoors and out.

Golden Hour Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Fully painted rooms create a cozy, intimate feel. This year we expect to embrace deeper colored walls especially in living rooms, dining rooms, and offices for a moody vibe.

Golden Hour Project / Rebekah Westover Photography
Golden Hour Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

A statement wall of green tile in this primary bathroom, invokes the invigorating fresh look of fresh greenery outdoors.

Elevated Views Project / Mykals Photography

In a layered neutral space, adding in these richer pops of color adds needed vibrancy. We love the way the green velvet bench in this room plays with the bright color of the outdoor vista.

Bringing the nature inspired blue, greens, and browns in to your decor creates a restful beauty full of warmth. It’s a look to embrace and love in 2024.

For more trending design, read about the looks we have already discussed this year, and check back for more!

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