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Bellota Project / Brynn Alyson Photography / Fallbrook Dining Chair

To give your dining room a facelift this year, update your dining chairs! Mixing and matching the textures, materials, and wood tones of your dining set creates a fresh look that feels interesting and collected.  Think woven textures, smooth wood, soft linen, or durable leather. Take a look at the best selling dining chairs from our recent projects to find your perfect new look.

Shop our Fallbrook Dining Chair
Beach Front Project / Rebekah Westover Photography / Port Dining Chair
Shop our Port Dining Chair
View Point Custom Project / Mykals Photography / Ballard Dining Chair
Shop our Ballard Dining Chair
Family Ties Custom Build / Rebekah Westover Photography / Bauer Dining Chair
Shop our Bauer Dining Chair
Hawaii Project / Adam Taylor Photography / Laie Dining Chair
Shop our Laie Dining Chair
Summit Creek Project / Rebekah Westover Photography / Mallory Dining Chair
Shop our Mallory Dining Chair
Bellota Project / Brynn Alyson Photography / Cate Dining Chair
Shop our Cate Dining Chair

For more beautiful dining chairs, including this slipcovered beauty, new out this week, visit Becki Owens Living.

Happy designing!


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