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Dream Home: White Painted Brick in Austin

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects We’ve come across a home to love in Austin, TX. It’s a perfect blend of traditional shapes with modern pops that make it feel both timeless and new. The exterior with it’s white painted brick and steel frame windows is incredible, but you also have to see the kitchen. Click through to

Q+A: White Painted Brick Exteriors

White painted brick is a favorite exterior trend of ours. It is a timeless look that feels both fresh and modern yet Old World historical. We love the way that it can transform an old brick house, or add character to a new build. We used painted white brick on our Villa Bonita project and

This Week’s Q+A: White Paint

New designs always call for new paint. I often start with a white paint. I love how white immediately freshens up a space. It’s an instant update. When I start with a white foundation, I can have fun adding pops of colors with rugs, art and textiles. I’ve been getting several questions about what color


The White Paint Guide

It’s no secret, I love white. It is often the base color for my designs. At first glance it may seem simple to choose a white paint, but there are subtle variations that make all the difference when selecting the right white. To help you pick the perfect white for your project I have created a


5 Refreshing White Exterior Paints

Picking the right white exterior paint for you home? It’s overwhelming, we know. Although it is impossible to share a fool-proof white that works for every style house in every location, we can give a few suggestions to get you started. Whether you prefer the modern look of a crisp white or the warm vibe