This Week’s Q+A: White Paint

New designs always call for new paint. I often start with a white paint. I love how white immediately freshens up a space. It’s an instant update. When I start with a white foundation, I can have fun adding pops of colors with rugs, art and textiles. I’ve been getting several questions about what color paint I have used in some of my most recent designs. For today’s Q+A, I’m sharing some of my favorite whites from my projects and a white paint guide for you to use as a resource.

Q: I hear you refer to “white white” paint. What does that mean?

modern eclectic dining room Becki owens
/ Gold Chandelier / Table / Wishbone Chairs /
A: In this dining room of the Cido Project,  Nicole Davis and I started by painting the walls a fresh “white white.” This means a white paint with no pigment. We used a semi gloss finish on the walls in the dining room and eggshell throughout the rest of the house

Updated Kitchen Nook - Becki Owens
/ Drum Pendant / Chairs and table Restoration Hardware /
Sometimes a space calls for a warmer white. This cozy kitchen nook looks light and bright with Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.

Q: Which color did you paint this living room?

bohemian living room Becki Owens
A: This space is Dunn Edwards, Foggy Day in eggshell. I loved how it looked soft and pretty, creating a beautiful palette for the rest of the design.

white paint guide becki owens

I hope I have answered some of your questions about which paint I love to work with and this paint guide will be helpful to you as you are making upcoming decisions. Have a wonderful Monday!


22 thoughts on “This Week’s Q+A: White Paint

  1. Jessica says:

    We are redoing our kitchen right now, and I am going to paint our cabinets white. Do you recommend an eggshell finish or a semi glass for the cabinets?


  2. Frances Westfaul says:

    I am in the process of painting my hallway white (eggshell). I have 4 doors and the a/c door in the hallway. Do I try to match the white on the walls?

  3. mia says:

    Do you typically paint the trim in the room the same color white? I’m struggling with a spanish bungalow interior currently has an off white paint with wood trim that needs to either be restrained or painted over. Worried keeping it wood is too heavy and dated but if I paint white is it best to paint the same color as walls? thanks

  4. Jsedwards says:

    Do you have a suggestion for a white paint color that I could use to paint an old 1850’s farmhouse with lots of interior wood (like bead board at varying widths). I want to paint the entire interior basically the same color throughout. Would you do ceiling, trim & walls all the same color white with different finishes or would you vary the white?

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  6. Caroline says:

    Painting our new house and the ceilings are already white. Do you leave those and pick a different white for the walls or should you repaint the walls and ceiling together?

  7. Sarah says:

    Our home has Sherman Williams Creamy baseboards and want to paint the walls a different color as they are dark tan in color. I love fresh white of chantilly lace or swiss coffee but both are too white compared to my baseboards. Trying to avoid repainting baseboard and wondering if you have a suggested paint color for the walls. Or maybe I just have to repaint it all. Thanks

    • Becki Owens says:

      Hi. We often paint the baseboards and walls the same color for a fresh seamless look. Paint does wonders:)

  8. Alexa McFarland says:

    Have you ever used alabaster white? I am choosing between that and Chantilly Lace. Our house is from the 50s and has a farmhouse vibe. Our cabinets are going to be a softer white so not sure what kind of white to make the walls. If contrast is better or match?

    • Becki Owens says:

      A little contrast is always nice. We recommend putting a small paint sample on the wall next to your cabinets to to compare.

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