The Power of the Accent Chair + The Top Statement Chairs we are Loving Now!!

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The accent chair is a must in the living room, but also so usable in many spaces in your home. The accent chair is a functional piece, making sure you have seating for a crowd, and can be moved around as needed more easily than your heavier sofa. But not only is it useful, it can make a statement and define your style. Take a look!

The Statement Piece

In every room we design, we like to add a statment piece that really elevates the design. An accent chair is a great way to do this. Consider a chair in an interesting shape or material. Or maybe it’s just that the upholstery, weave, or wood contrasts with the existing furniture and decor to create a more layered and interesting looking space.

Make an Impact

Whether it’s a dining room, primary bedroom, living room or even a bathroom, the statement chair will add a pop and make an impact. A Chair is functional and adds interest. It draws the eye through the room , giving life to an empty space.

The Best for your Budget

Shop the Emery Swivel Chair

With a unique piece like a statement chair, you not only add extra seating but like a rug it’s a great way to refresh your space without remodeling the entire room.

Update your space with seating you and your guests will love! Shop all our client favorite looks here on Becki Owens Living and see more favorites in the slider below.

Happy chair shopping!


A Few More Favorites

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