Quick Pairings From The Design Team

 / 1-Pietro Pendants /  2 – Brielle Sectional / 3- Keyes Chair / 4 – Marlene I Rug /


This week we are back with another quick pairing from the design team. With this series we hope to get your creative juices spinning with new ideas for curating beautiful spaces. These quick pairings are a great starting point if you aren’t ready to hire a designer.

We often like to start designing a room with a great rug as the foundation and inspiration for pairing additional colors. Our Marlene I Rug is a great start with a beautiful blend of neutral tones and bit of subtle teal color. This rug has a great high traffic rating as well so its perfect for family rooms and entertaining spaces. The main piece of furniture in this room is our modular Brielle Sectional. Its a deep, extra cozy sofa that creates ample seating with clean, modern lines. In the center we selected our bleached, solid oak Taylor Coffee Table. We love the lighter finish of the table and the way it blends seamlessly with the sectional. For additional seating and added texture, we paired two of our Keyes Chairs to frame the space. The cane detail adds some nice interest. Finally, we created a statement light fixture from three of our Pietro Pendants staggering the lengths. The alabaster tube in the center of the glass globes really makes for a unique design and creates a beautiful highlight in the room.

We hope these quick design inspirations help you with create a beautiful look in your own home. Check back soon for more tips and ideas for curating beautiful spaces. Have a wonderful day.




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