White Backsplash Roundup

I love designing kitchens. I also love to give old kitchens a new facelift. One of the first things I consider is the backsplash. In a kitchen remodel a new backsplash is a huge part of the total transformation. I like to pick fresh, timeless options that add beauty and tie in well with the overall design. I love working with white tiles, but I like to have a little fun using a few different styles. Today, I’ve put together a white backsplash roundup as a resource for your upcoming kitchen projects. I hope you find this helpful and you find one you love. Have a great day!

White Backsplash Roundup


One thought on “White Backsplash Roundup

  1. Dean says:

    Excellent post. I have always been a fan of the classic subway tile. It has such a classic, elegant look. The diamond pattern, however, really stands out. I appreciate you sharing this valuable resource. I will be using it for reference in the future!

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