Styling Tip: Side Tables

One of my favorite ways to layer a surprise element into a space is to style with unique side tables. You can find them in all shapes and sizes right now. They come in fabulous wood and metal designs. I love to have fun with these tables and pick something unexpected that adds to the curated feel of the room. Below are some examples of side tables styled into my designs and a round-up of several great options. Have a great day!


Theses brass nesting tables create a resting place for fresh flowers in this master seating area.

 bohemian eclectic living room menlo park

A unique metal side table was a great accent for this bohemian eclectic living area. It adds more texture and another layer to the mix of global inspired finds in the space. (Designed in collaboration with Nicole Davis)

Side table Becki Owens

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Side Tables

  1. Nolan Gold Side Table
  2. Obasi Nesting Tables
  3. Giorgio Accent Table
  4. Gold Leaf Side Table
  5. Grecian Gilt Table
  6. Gideon Side Table
  7. Etched Metal Side Table
  8. Burl-Wood Side Table
  9. Porter Light Wood Side Table
  10. Midcentury Dark Side Table
  11. Petrified Wood Stool
  12. Harper Side Table

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