The Primary Bedroom of our Desert Shores Project

Desert Shores Project / Photography: Drone your Homes

Our Desert Shores Project is another set amongst the beautiful red rock of Southern Utah. With expansive views of the unique scenery outside, inside we layered rich organic textures in earthy tones. In the bedroom, you’ll find cool metal,  a warm mix of wood tones, soft linens and rich leather. Take a peek at some of our favorite images, and then shop the look to recreate a similar look in your own home.

Desert Shores Project / Photography: Drone your Homes

The space is grounded with a large neutral plaid rug. We always use rugs in the bedrooms we design, even if there is already carpet. Rugs add pattern, color, and an extra soft landing. On top of the rug, a black upholstered bed frame adds edgy depth, while layers of white textiles create levity.

Desert Shores Project / Photography: Drone your Homes

A mix of medals and a globe chandelier in brass create a modern vibe. All these different textures keep the space interesting, while the neutral color scheme keeps the focus on the beautiful red rock vista out the window.

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