How to Make a Beautiful Bed in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you’re sprucing up a bedroom for holiday guests, or creating your own restful sanctuary, having a comfortable and well-made bed is key to creating the perfect space. The good news is that this process doesn’t have to be difficult and can take minimal time and effort. I know we are all super busy with holiday shopping and prepping our homes, so today I want to share how you can make a beautiful bed in 5 easy steps.

Modern Bohemian Spanish Master Bedroom Becki Owens

Step 1 – Start with a Sapira Mattress

A quality mattress is the first and most essential part of making a great bed. You’re probably wondering how easy this step could possibly be, since finding a high quality, comfortable, and affordable mattress is usually a job in-itself. Recently, I found the perfect mattress. The Sapira mattress is luxurious, the price is right, and it can be ordered online and delivered right to the door of my design projects. For my Ivyway Project master bedroom I received a king-size Sapira.  Sapira is an innovative new direct-to-consumer online mattress company. They craft luxury mattresses made of the finest materials, for surprisingly low prices, shipped for free, right to your door.

Sapira is the first true luxury hybrid mattress engineered to compress and ship to your home. It is so comfortable! The combination of premium spring coils for support and several layers of high-performance foams for cooling and pressure relief make it the perfect choice.

Here are a few great facts I read about Sapira. These gave me a better idea about what makes it a luxury quality mattress.

It has a unique spring system that provides superior edge support, unparalleled body contouring and virtually zero motion transfer. Plus, it has multiple layers of high performance foams. The top performance foam layer is specifically designed to allow air flow cooling and provides enough bounce for freedom of movement. When combined with the pocket springs and memory foam, there is no need for pillow tops or toppers. I love that aspect. These foam layers also include a high-performance memory foam layer, which provides body contouring and pressure relief which are essential for relaxation.

A mattress of this quality, with the added-bonus of seamless online shopping, and the added convenience of front door delivery, is exactly what I’m looking for when I’m sourcing products for my designs.

sapira mattress becki owens
The mattress comes in a compressed in a box, which is super convenient. We just had to open the box, place the mattress on the foot of the bed and cut the plastic covering to have it expand. In minutes, a beautiful, comfortable mattress was on the bed. It was so easy and looked great even on its own.

sapira mattress becki owens
sapira mattress becki owens
Notice the four stripes on the mattress. I was curious about those and learned that the stripes represent the Patterns of Life™: Health, Love, Life, and Happiness.

One of the greatest benefits to buying a Sapira mattress is their One-Ten program. Sapira donates 1 in every 10 mattresses that are sold to a shelter in need.

If for any reason you don’t love your Sapira sleep experience, you have 100 days to return the mattress, risk-free. Simply reach out to them and they will refund you and arrange to promptly pick it up from your home, free of charge.

As you can see, the luxury hybrid Sapria mattress really does make the first step of making a bed an easy (and incredibly comfortable) process.

Step 2 – Use Crisp White Sheets

sapira mattress becki owens
When in doubt, I love to use crisp white bedding. It creates fresh foundation for your bedding. There is nothing better to getting into a bed with soft, clean white sheets. I love using 100% organic, cotton sheets with a at least a 300 thread count.

Step 3 – Keep it Simple with a Few Comfortable Pillows

A pretty bed doesn’t need a lot of pillows. One this king bed, I used two king size pillows one with a king pillow case and one with a sham on either side of the bed. They are nice down pillows for comfort and the stacked height of the two pillows is all you need to rest against the headboard.

Step 4 – Lay a Comforter at the Foot of the Bed

sapira mattress becki owens
For this space I used a simple white down comforter to add loft at the base of the bed, but you could layer a quilt with a throw. I like how cozy this comforter looks folded and how it makes the bedding look more substantial.

Step 5 – Use a Few Throw Pillows to Add Color and Texture

sapira mattress becki owens
For this bedroom I started with two large, black mudcloth pillows to ground the all white bedding. The texture and design of the fabric adds a lot of interest to the space as well.


Then for a pop of color I placed a pink, lumbar wedding pillow in front of the black pillows. It’s a nice contrast and livens up the whole look.
With these 5 simple steps you can create a beautiful bed for you or your guests to sleep in. I hope this help you as you are updating your homes and managing all your holiday errands. Have a wonderful day!


*Sapira™ provided a free product for us to review. However, all opinions
stated here are my own.

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  1. Meg says:

    Hi Becki! I adore this bedroom. Where are these sheets and duvet cover from? They’re so crisp and I love the flange edge on the pillowcases! Thanks!

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