Stunning Mountain Retreat at Summit Creek Utah

In the past month you may have seen us reveal some of design details of our Summit Creek Project. This custom home, set against the mountainside, is accentuated with an incredible view. Take a peek at this stunning property. 

Builder: Split Rock Custom Homes

Architect: Rob McQuay

Photography: Jason Speth

This house is for sale! Details here.

We went with floor-to-ceiling windows to frame the natural surroundings. It almost makes you feel like you’re floating along the mountainside. We also took inspiration from nature’s color palette, patterns and textures to reflect the setting’s beauty without taking away from it. 

The home is designed for both moderate and extreme temperatures. You’ll find cozy, intimate nooks and warm, welcoming gathering spots indoors and out. We weaved several fire elements throughout the spaces to be used for either warmth or aesthetic all year round. 

When you walk from room to room, or from the interior to the outdoor patio, you’ll get a very cohesive experience. We purposefully chose similar (but not exact) color palettes and textures for adjacent spaces so everything blends naturally. 

Like the surrounding Wasatch Mountains, this home is at once bold and neutral. We used a wooden Chevron pattern on the master bath’s ceiling for a muted yet unexpected touch. It should create the feeling of being nestled under the trees. 

You’ll see some dramatic touches throughout the home—like black Chevron tiles in the great room or marble-like quartz slabs in various rooms. It’s nature-like and contemporary, making for a really sophisticated, seamless feel. 

Want to make your escape into this nature-inspired home? It’s for sale! Check here for details.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back soon for more in-depth space by space details. 


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