Design Trend: Bring Your Exterior Stone Wall Inside

View Point Custom Project / Lyst Pros Photography

Blurring the lines between your homes interior and exterior has been a major design movement in the last few years. Choosing natural textures that emphasize the beauty of nature really turns your home into a retreat. One way to create this indoor/outdoor flow is to pick a stone you love to use on your exterior, but bring the same look inside to create a stone statement wall.We shared how we featured this idea in yesterday’s View Point Custom Project Kitchen Reveal.  Today, we wanted to zoom out and show you how we carried this stone look throughout the project in order to create a beautifully cohesive flow.

View Point Custom Project / Drone your Home Photography

The exterior of the home features large walls of a beautiful stone called Hermitage 19th Century by Horizon Stone. The look has varied warm and cool tones and plenty of texture. We love the way it adds dimension and textured to the clean modern lines and crisp whites of the exterior.

Viewpoint Custom Project

Take a look at the windows in this entry to see how we took this exterior stone and carried it seamlessly inside. The entry is all stone and then is broken up with softer, lighter textures as you enter the space. Smaller stone accent walls carry you into the kitchen and even up the stairs. We love the way it invites you in, through, and then back outside into the backyard where there are more comfortable living spaces. This indoor/ outdoor lifestyle maximizes square footage and enjoyment of the natural beauty and view of your property.

View Point Custom Project / Lyst Pros Photography
View Point Custom Project / Lyst Pros Photography

Inside, we over grouted Horizon Stone’s Hermitage 19th Century to create that soft European look that would blend the modern idea with a softer worn in look. It is a pretty pairing with the warm oak accents and limestone tile.

View Point Custom Project / Lyst Pros Photography

Seeing views of the stone both indoor and out through windows really creates an expansive view. It’s a look we love and can’t wait to share how we are using the idea in a few more upcoming projects. To shop the styling of this home, be sure to shop View Point Custom Project on Becki Owens Living.

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