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Finding the perfect rug for a space is key. It can set the mood for a whole space, inspire other textile choices or even give a needed pop of color to a room. In today’s instagram post I featured a black rug made by Loloi, that I just used in a project. I’m excited to reveal the whole space to you soon, but for now I want to share one of my favorite resources for finding fabulous rugs, Rugs Direct. When I’m looking for rugs for my designs, I love using Rugs Direct as resource. They have a huge selection of gorgeous rugs for any type of space. Below are 10 of my favorite picks from their current collections.

Rugs Direct Loloi Rugs Becki Owens

1. Ivory and Slate – Loloi Elton Collection  2. Black and Tan, Loloi Journey

Rugs Direct Loloi Rugs Becki Owens

1. Gray – Surya Watercolor Collection  2. Magenta – Surya Zahra Collection

Rugs Direct Loloi Rugs Becki Owens

1. Antique Ivory – Loloi Journey Collection  2. Indigo, Blue – Loloi Journey Collection

Rugs Direct Loloi Rugs Becki Owens

1. Ivory, Navy – Surya Smithsonian Collection  2. Teal –  Surya Zahra Collection

Rugs Direct Loloi Rugs Becki Owens

1. Eygpt – Loloi Journey Collection  2. Indigo, Beige – Loloi Journey Collection
I hope you have enjoyed this sampling from Rugs Direct. It will be a great resource to you as you are researching the perfect rug for your upcoming projects. You can browse all of the Loloi collection here. Have a great Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Rugs Direct featuring Loloi Rugs

  1. Stephanie spangler says:

    Can’t wait to see the room where you used the Black and Tan Loloi Journey rug! I’m on the fence about ordering for my living room where I have a charcoal couch, flax chairs and a black destroyed leather ottoman. Was afraid it may look too dark so very interested to see the furniture you’ve paired with it! Please share pics soon! 🙂

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