Mixing in Mid-Century

leather woven chairs becki owens
One way to make a space more unique and curated is to use elements from different periods of design. Lately, I love the idea of mixing in mid-century style with modern or bohemian to create a fresh new look. In my dining room (pictured above) I paired woven leather, mid-century chairs with a more romantic chandelier, for a beachy feel with a twist.
vintage-mid-century-chair becki owens

When my husbands Grandmother passed, she left us some beautiful mid-century pieces. I’ve really enjoyed incorporating them into my home. They have so much history and are special to our family. With a little elbow grease, I have been able to update them and add them to my living spaces. Stay tuned for a DIY on this vintage, mid-century chair makeover.

Mixing in mid-century elements to designs creates character. I feel like all you need is a statement piece or two to pull together a new look for your space. You may acquire some pieces like we have or find some at a re-sale boutique, but there are several great options right now for mixing mid-century pieces into to your designs. I’ve pulled a few of my favorites for you to browse below. Have a great day!


mid-century sales becki owens

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Mid-Century Finds

  1. Wall Art
  2. White Globe Pendant
  3. Soleil Mirror
  4. Tripod floor lamp.
  5. Gray Sofa
  6. Oval Coffee Table
  7. Johnathan Adler Vase
  8. Johnathan Adler Statement Chair
  9. Brass Stool
  10. White Nightstand

6 thoughts on “Mixing in Mid-Century

  1. Erica says:

    I love that chair by the window! I also love how fresh and the the paint looks on the walls. What color paint is it?

  2. Lizzie says:

    Hi! Thank you for your blog posts! I’m obsessed with your style. Can you tell me what kind of flooring you have in your home? Name/brand type of wood, etc. It’s stunning. Thank you!

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