Quick Updates For a Warm and Beautiful Bedroom

The last few months of cold weather can be hard, but giving your space a cozy pick-me-up with a few warm and beautiful updates can help. We partnered with Nordstrom Rack this month for a mid-winter refresh of our Family Ties Custom Build Master Bedroom.

Warming up a bedroom is easy. It’s all about layers. This master bedroom is already a layering of neutral textures. We added in this beautiful faux fur throw that enriches the space with it’s deep caramel color. It makes lounging on the sofa inviting, but also creates a sense of warmth in the space. Consider adding in winter-weight throws on seating, deeply textured throw pillows on the bed, and an easily reached plush robe. The additions will look pretty and warm you up. 

Keeping your key furniture and accessory pieces neutral, allows you to easily make seasonal swaps. Get the look of this neutral organic bedroom and shop warm winter accessories in our Nordstrom Rack roundup below!

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