Q + A : How do Hewn Floors Feel Underfoot?

Rosemary Project / Photography: Camille Marie Studio / Becki Owens x HEWN in Riviera Color

Our Becki Owens x HEWN flooring collection has the beautiful look of hardwood but the effort-free maintenance of stone. Many of our clients have been convinced to use HEWN over traditional hardwood because it’s a better fit for their lifestyle with kids, pets, and guests. But before they decide, many have wanted to know how HEWN Stoneform® floors feel underfoot. Is it hard and cold like stone or tile? Or does it have the comfortable warmth of wood?

Pura Vista Project / Photography: Andrew Drew / Becki Owens x Hewn in Weathered

When walking on top of Stoneform floors, they feel just like hardwood but more comfortable and of course convenient. It’s cozy, crack-free, and mimics the warmth of wood underfoot.

Pura Vista Project / Mykals Photography / Becki Owens x Hewn in Weathered

True Grain Technology

The surface of each plank is stamped to make it look and feel like traditional hardwood flooring. The knots and texture of the planks coincide with the visual patterns and variations. Under bare feet, it has the texture of wood.

Rosemary Project / Photography: Camille Marie Studio / Becki Owens x HEWN in Riviera Color

Attached Underlayment Padding

Stoneform provides cushioning thanks to special IXPE padding that is installed underneath your HEWN planks. This padding doesn’t just make it comfy; it also a pro quiets footsteps, turning any room peaceful.

Via Teca Project / Brynn Alyson Photography / Becki Owens x HEWN in “Honey”

Made mostly from stone, Stoneform® is tough, waterproof, and eco-friendly. It’s the perfect mix of good looks and practicality—a floor that can handle real life without losing its beauty. Hewn isn’t just about selling floors; it’s about making them durable and comfortable underfoot. See our entire collection and order your samples here so that you can feel them for yourself! 

We can’t wait to see our collection in your home!




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