Rug Size Rules for the Living Room

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We think a lot about rugs. Between trying many rugs for client spaces over the years, to designing our own rug collection with Surya, we’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with fibers, looks, and sizes. We want to pass along all our knowledge to you to help you find the best rug look for your home. Today we are starting with one of the most important rooms to ground with a rug and answering our most asked rug question, “How big should a living room rug be?”

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The living room rug should define and ground the space. It is always tempting to go with a smaller rug as they are much less expensive, but most the time, anything less than an 8′ x10′ will make the room feel smaller and often awkward unless you are designing in a very small space.

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Living Room Rug Rules

We have two main rules for picking the right size living room rug.

Living Room Rug Rule #1: A rug should anchor your seating arrangement; it doesn’t necessarily have to fill the whole room. A rug can be large enough that your entire sofa and chairs fits on the rug, but at a minimum, place at least the front two legs of your sofa and main chairs on the rug.

Simpatico Project / Photography: Camille Marie Studio

Living Room Rule #2: Leave at least a one foot border between your rug and the walls. If your rug is touching walls without any floor being exposed, size down.

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Size Guide

To help you find the right size rug based on the size and arrangement of your furniture, we created the size guide below. Use it to help you find the configuration you love and the corresponding rug size you will need.


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Check back soon for more Design Guides! We breaking down rugs by space and type so be sure to follow along for more advice.

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