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Create Organized + Beautiful Open Kitchen Shelving

Swapping out upper kitchen cabinets for open shelving can create a more open airy vibe that we love. It makes your kitchen feel more expansive and creates a styling opportunity that can really elevate the design. Although most are clients are sold on the beautiful look, some are worried about loosing storage space or having a cluttered look. Today we are sharing a few tips on how to make your open kitchen shelving functional, organized, and beautiful.

Create a Warm Welcome in your Small Space Entry

Over the years, we have shared a simple formula for decorating your entry--ground the space with a small rug, add a console table, style with a mirror, greenery, art, and baskets. It's a look that is always beautiful. But what it your entry is too small for a console table or doesn't have enough wall space for a mirror? Even in large homes, sometimes there is often no formal entry. House plans often have you entering straight into the living room or the staircase. Or maybe you have a little entry, but doorways for the front office and guest bedroom take up any wall space. We've had to design around all these issues too. Today we are sharing a few different ways we've created a warmer welcome no matter the size or layout of the entry.

Perfecting the Flex Room

The flex room is such a fun space to design. It's a room that accommodates multiple purposes and usually a range of ages and so it challenges our creativity in making it both functional and fun. Each flex room in our projects turns out very different based on our client's needs, but I always make sure that they are durable, make a statement, and have natural flow. Take a look at some of my favorite flex space from our recent designs!

Q&A: The White Grouts we use in our Tiling Projects

Grout doesn't seem like a complicated decision. That is until you're ready to install your tile and actually have to pick the grout you want. It's like choosing white paint, there are a lot of different shades and each one will look different on install depending on the tile you are using, the amount of light in the room, and the other colors in the space. So although there is no simple answer to the question we often get, "What white grout should I use?," we think knowing the exact grouts we have used in our tile projects at least gives you an idea of where to start. Here are a few for you to try. 


5 Client Favorite Statement Mirrors

A beautiful mirror is such a pretty accessory to add to a space. It’s an instant facelift to a wall–reflecting light, framing the view, and adding texture. I love using mirrors in the entry, to make an unexpected statement in the bathroom, above nightstands, or on an empty wall to brighten a space. Today we are highlighting five client favorite mirrors.