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Villa Bonita 2 Project

Swapping out upper kitchen cabinets for open shelving can create a more open airy vibe that we love. It makes your kitchen feel more expansive and creates a styling opportunity that can really elevate the design. Although most are clients are sold on the beautiful look, some are worried about loosing storage space or having a cluttered look. Today we are sharing a few tips on how to make your open kitchen shelving functional, organized, and beautiful.

Invest in Pretty Everyday Dishes

Villa Bonita 2 Kitchen

If you only fill your open shelves with styling props, they might look beautiful, but they will feel like wasted space. Instead, we like to make our shelves work for us. We keep all our everyday dish and glassware on our shelves, This keeps them easy to find and close at hand. Keep the look beautiful by retiring your mismatched set of plastic kids dishes for a pretty matched everyday set you love. We like to go with classic white because it creates a crisp cafe vibe, but if you love color, this is a fun way to bring it in to your space.

Stick to a Color Scheme

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Mismatched dishes in a rainbow of color can add a very busy vibe to your space. If the eclectic look is not your aesthetic, sticking to a color scheme can help your shelves look clean and organized. For us, we like a neutral palette of white, black, and earthy woods and ceramics.

Layer in a few Antique or Artisan Finds you Love

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Although you want your shelves to be functional, adding in a few special pops brings personality and character to your space. Whether it’s a piece of your Mom’s china, or your grandma’s copper kettle, add in some history. Antiques not your thing? Try layering in artisan handiwork. Our collection includes carved olive wood bowls, hand-thrown ceramics, and carved horn serving utensils.

Illuminate with Beautiful Lighting

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Illuminate your shelf styling with a warm glow. In a new build or remodel, plan to install sconces. If adding electrical isn’t in your plans, add a lamp. It’s an unexpected look that creates a warm, welcoming vibe.

Open-shelving in the kitchen has become a long standing trend. Embrace it by making it both beautiful and functional.

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