My Personalized Daily Vitamins

If you are like me, your daily life is jam-packed with a busy schedule, filled with work and family needs. Sometimes it is hard to fit in a little TLC for yourself. Lately, I’ve had a goal to focus more on my health and well-being. I’ve been trying to eat well and exercise, but I’ve realized it’s impossible to have the perfect diet to meet all of my nutritional needs. That’s when I discovered Care/of, a personalized daily vitamin regime, that makes meeting my health goals easy and accessible.





I’ve always been interested in taking vitamins, but finding the right supplements was overwhelming. There are so many choices and so much information out there, picking them felt like a project in itself.  I love how Care/of does all the research for me and gives me exactly what I need based on my personal goals.


The process was very easy. I just visited the Care/of site to get started. Through a series of quick questions my daily supplement needs were determined in less than 5 mins.

They asked me some basic info and then addressed my goals. I love how visual the process was. I could choose from several areas of need, everything from energy to immunity, even skin.

Then it focused on my lifestyle, for example, if I was having trouble sleeping at night or if I often felt fatigued. It even addressed my mood. They also asked about allergies, diet and exercise.  It was all so simple yet personalized to my individual needs.

The best part about this service is that they are doing all the leg work for me. They have done all the research  and use the highest quality ingredients. On their site you can see the sources for each of their vitamins and ingredients. It’s transparent which is assuring.


The vitamins came packaged in a cute box with the easiest of instructions – (daily, with water). It doesn’t get more simple than that.  I love the look of the box, it’s compact and the individual packets are so convenient. The box contains a 30 day supply of vitamins. Each daily packet has a fun, inspiring message. I can throw them in my purse and they are perfect for travel. Say goodbye to all the vitamin bottles taking up room on the shelf or having to organize them for a trip. 1 packet a day, done.

Care/of has been a perfect solution for me to help meet my health goals.  I didn’t have to spend a ton of time researching the specific vitamins to take. They even helped me discover some areas I needed to focus on more, that I hadn’t thought of. Now I have what I need to complete my daily nutritional needs and work towards feeling my best, even with a busy schedule.

To learn more about Care/of visit here. Take their easy quiz to see what vitamins you should be taking to feel your best. Plus, great news – receive 50% off your first month of vitamins with code BECKI50 at checkout.  I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about my daily health goals and vitamins. Have a wonderful Thursday.




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