How to Transform a Playroom Into a Teen Hang Out

As our families grow the spaces in our homes often need to change with them. This is especially true when it comes to bonus and playrooms. I recently completed a cool project where I updated a space for a family with kids who had outgrown their toddler toys and needed a place to hangout with friends. This airy loft at the top of the stairs, is visible by every room on the second floor of the home. It was no longer being used and was needing a transformation. Today I am excited to share how we partnered with High Fashion Home to convert this family play room to a teen space designed to accommodate the whole family for years to come.





Start with Comfortable Clean-lined Furniture

After reimagining the space to make sure that it would be both comfortable and functional, we began with a fresh white palette using Benjamin Moore Simply White and the clean-lined Martin Sofa in a neutral fabric. This sofa has a fresh modern shape but is so comfortable for lounging around and watching TV. We added warmth with new window coverings by switching the old wooden shutters for pretty woven shades. Then for storage and a cleaner look, we added built ins, that also double as a media center.


Choose a Dark, Durable Rug

To ground the light and airy space we used a rug with rich, deep tones. The Surya Zahra is a beautifully distressed hand-knotted rug that feels cool and bohemian. It also wears well since it is 100% wool and the dark color hides dirt. Black accents in an easy arrangement of vintage-textile pillows and a black cone pendant complement the dark rug and make the space feel cozy and inviting.


Find Unique Accents to make a Statement

In a small space, I like to use a few statement pieces that elevate the room. For this teen space, we chose two really cool accent tables that stand where remotes and cell phones can easily be reached. I picked this unique petrified wood side table and this modern brushed gold table.


Create a Space for Homework and Games


We added built-in storage seating to a nook in the room and found the perfect table for snacks, studies and games. The Cal Dining Table  is a lacquer-based tulip table topped with gorgeous marble. It’s big enough to fit family and friends for a fun game of cards.

Style the Space with Plants and Art


This kids in this family love music, so we wanted to show their interests through the decor. We completed the space by styling it with a few pops of fresh greenery, the family guitars hanging on the wall, vintage finds on a ledge shelf, and an incredible macrame wall hanging.

By updating the furniture, rugs and decor in this loft, we created  a space that better meets the needs of this family. It is a perfect space for older kids to hang out in after school or on a weekend night. And now the space gets a lot more use.

Thank you for joining us for this how to on transforming a playroom to a teen room!  When you update your spaces visit  High Fashion Home to find everything from furniture to accessories to furnish and decorate your homes.



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