How to Layer your Kitchen Lighting

Layers of lighting in your kitchen are really important to the overall design of the space. Good lighting adds depth and dimension, allows you to adjust for mood and time of day, and can spotlight task areas or beautiful collections. Take a look at the four lighting layers that we used in our Villa Bonita 2 Project.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed ceiling lighting floods a space with light, making it feel bigger and more open. It ensures that your kitchen never feels dark or shadowy when you want a light and bright space.

Pendants Above Island

Pendants are both functional and beautiful. They create focused light above your working and eating surfaces on your island and help you define the vibe of your space. We often use three pendants spaced over a large island, but here, two white and brass cone pendants fill the space to create a crisp modern vibe.

Sconces above Open Shelving

Sconces provide focused light. We love to use them above open shelving. When used alone at night, they create a soft welcoming glow. Throughout the day, they work to highlight the beautiful ceramics and glassware on your shelves, making them feel more like a collection of art. In our Villa Bonita 2 Project, brass sconces coordinate with natural wood to add warmth to the white and gray backsplash.


Statement Chandelier in Dining Nook

Many of our projects have a dining nook off of the open kitchen. We love to find a chandelier that works with the other lighting but makes a statement. It helps to set the dining space apart and brings a little formality to an informal open-concept floor plan.

Lighting is important to the function of your kitchen, but it is also like the jewlery of the space adding bling, texture, and beauty. It’s one of our favorite things to shop for. Take a look at the slider below to shop the lighting used in our Villa Bonita 2 Project.

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    Hi!! I’m wondering if I could find out who makes these cabinets. Doing my kitchen and am obsessed with the Villa Bonita 2 kitchen. Any info you can give me will be much appreciated!! Thank you!!

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