Styling Tip Tuesday: Mood Lighting

Pura Vista Project / Mykals Photography / Becki Owens x HVL Stacy Chandelier

Create a mood in your home with thoughtful lighting choices. The brightness of your light, it’s location in the room, as well as the shape and material of a lighting fixture all help to define your space. Our Becki Owens x Hudson Valley Lighting collections use earthy textures, interesting shapes, and organic materials to create a unique artisan mood in your home. Take a look at a few of our favorite lights and tips for creating a welcoming but interesting vibe in any space.


Layer your Light Sources

Pura Vista Project / Mykals Photography / Becki Owens x HVL Georgia 4-Light Pendant

One way to create an inviting warm space, is to layer your lighting sources. A room that is either too dim or too bright is distracting and uncomfortable. By adding several different sources of light, you can adjust for the time of day and use of the room. Want to set a calm mood in your home? Turn off or dim your overhead lights and use the soft glow of your wall sconces or table lamps. Entertaining and want to infuse your space with energy? Turn on all your lighting sources in the space for a bright look without shadowy corners.

Golden Hour Project / Rebekah Westover Photography / Becki Owens x HVL Debi Wall Sconce

Add Earthy Texture

Pura Vista Project / Mykals Photography / Becki Owens x HVL Jordan Pendant

Layering organic textures in your home is a trending look. It creates a very earthy look that feels grounding and authentic to the beauty of the natural view out your window. Try our Jordan Pendant to get the look. We love the way it looks against the warm stone entry of our Pura Vista Project.

Create an Artisan Vibe with Interesting Materials and Shapes

Pura Vista Project / Mykals Photography / Becki Owens x HVL Mindy Table Lamp

Ceramic table lamps and glass pendants in a unique shape look like works of art in your home. They help to create a collected mood in your home, like each object has an interesting story. Our Mindy Table Lamp feels both natural and modern. The creamy ceramic base has a free-form feel to it but paired with belgian linen shade to keep it classic. Our best selling Ivy Pendant takes the traditional lantern and gives it an organic shape that gets noticed. We love it hanging in the kitchen or bathroom to make a statement without blocking the view.

Beach Front Project / Rebekah Westover Photography / Ivy Pendant

Swapping out your lighting for something more unique, or adding table lamps and sconces to a dim room can transform your space. Mood lighting allows you to set the tone in your home and helps define your style. Shop the slider below to see all the beautiful lights from Becki Owens x HVL.


Shop our Favorite Mood Lighting from Becki Owens x HVL

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